Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bless you mommy! Bless me too!

Just call us the house of sickies! Little D had a raspy voice, runny nose and sneezing yesterday. I've been sniffling all over today. Princess Grabby Hands is teething which is never a happy occasion EVER! Add to that....I think I had a touch of food poisoning, but I won't go into the gory details! Aren't you just so happy about that?

LD was sneezing everywhere yesterday so I kept telling him BLESS YOU SWEETIE! After a while he would say BLESS ME before I even had a chance. I would follow it up with YES, BLESS YOU!

Today it's mommy with the nose 'o' sneezes! I feel like someone strapped a whole container of pepper to my nose. Every time I sneezed, LD would say very loudly BLESS YOU MOMMY! BLESS ME TOO!

Ya gotta laugh at that! I guess he was covering his bases just in case! The kid is REALLY blessed!

The really big kid in my house (the one I call hubby) always tells me to take an ANTI HISSY TAB! I get the generic antihistitabs from Wallyworld (b/c the name brand is just too darn expensive). I get really bad sinus headaches sometimes which makes me crabby. (don't know why...aren't I supposed to be all sunshine and lollypops?) Hubby tells me if I take the anti HISSY tabs that I won't HISS at him so much! Yes....I literally do hiss at him when given the chance and I'm in a crabby mood! I feel it's better then yelling or telling him off! LOL

Hopefully we are all sniffle and sneeze free tomorrow. Probably will be just fine only for the simple fact that the kids have a check up tomorrow so they have to prove me a liar that they were ever sick! It never fails! The kids have some really nasty cold or rash or whatever and the second we get into the doctor, they look like a picture of perfect health! You know they have to do it just to spite me! LOL

PGH has had a horrible rash from teething all week and guess what is almost gone tonight? You guessed it! Of course it won't show up when she is on the way to the doctors! That would make sense! I just know that somehow they are doing this on purpose! I don't know how but they have to be! They are kids, they are capable of ANYTHING!

Don't put anything past a toddler!!!! Not even curing their own illness to make you look like a loony mom!