Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why must I be the keeper of the toilet paper?

Am I the only adult capable in this house to change the roll? I guess so!

I can almost guarantee that if there is a roll that is almost empty, hubby will use all but 2 sheets of toilet paper to avoid changing the roll. You know....IT'S NOT EMPTY the excuse. Yeah, like what can I do with 2 sheets of toilet paper? Pick a booger? I couldn't even blow my nose with that small amount!

The last time I went into the bathroom I made sure to tell hubby to bring a roll in with him since it is almost empty. That was earlier this afternoon. I go in there a few minutes ago (mind you this is now about 8 hours later) and find the roll with a few wisps of toilet paper hanging off of it and the new roll still sitting on the back of the toilet.

I think this is an epidemic. I know many other "Keepers of the toilet paper" as well and their complaints are the same. I guess pushing that spindle together to pop out, pulling the cardboard roll off, sliding the new roll on and then pushing the spindle back into the holder is just too hard.

Maybe we should start a school. "TOILET PAPER INSTILLATION FOR THE ROLL REMOVAL CHALLANGED 101" We'll save 102 for recognizing that the roll will be empty enough soon to make sure another roll is available for the next person in case they need it. I can guarantee that there would be a line of wives out the door signing up husbands and kids left and right. Now if we could actually get said husbands and kids to attend the class...that is the problem. I go keeping fannies wiped and keeping females from having to drip dry. Into the night I whoosh making sure that nobody is needing to yell through the door "I NEED A ROLL!" For I am KEEPER OF THE TOILET PAPER! The mightiest of all!

So join me! KEEPERS OF THE TOILET PAPER UNITE! Or is it untie? No matter, I will keep all toilet paper spindles filled or die trying! Or maybe it's try no no! Maybe do some tie dying? Whichever! AND I'M OFF! >Way off....just ask my hubby!<