Monday, December 24, 2007

Satan must employ toy packaging developers!

It took everything I had not to use every swear word I have ever heard while trying to take the kid's toys out of their boxes. !(#*$&%&*&#(@(&$&*@((@&$$^^#@*

Don't they know that there is no toddler on the planet that can wait for a parent to remove all those dang twist ties? Do they not have children? Is this for anti-theft? If so....don't they realize that these toys are bigger then any pocket or bag can hold so it's not very likely they will be taken from their packages and stolen?

So, as the smart mommy that I am with two small children, I decide we need to get the toys out of the boxes on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed so we aren't sitting there in the morning trying to get the 4,000,000,000 (yes that is billion for those keeping track) twist ties that is tethering every single part of every single toy in the box. It doesn't matter that the toy has appendages that could never slip through one of these stinking twist ties...let's put 20 more on it! Hey, let's get creative and put two or three together and twist them around one part of a toy.

Well, the toys are set free thanks to mommy and daddy. No swear words were actually said.....out loud. The scissors are dull from mommy deciding her sanity is worth a pair of scissors to cut through the twist ties instead of untwisting them all.

My one Christmas wish is for the jokers who designed this packaging design to be inundated with 100 toddlers energized with stocking candy all bouncing around them while they release a toy for each and every one of them from these insanely over-secured packages!

Gee.....I feel better now!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a twist tie free night!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The Wiggles are sleeping....they don't want to be watched right now! LOL

That is what I have had to tell Little D on more then one occasion. He is driving me batty with The Wiggles! If he could live with them I am sure he would pack his bags in 10 seconds flat!

Let's see....LD's viewing schedule is:

Spacedancing Wiggles
Cold Spaghetti Western Wiggles
Wiggle Bay
Big Red Car
Top of the Tots

I stop there only b/c I have never let him watch more then 5 in one day. I don't know which DVD he would put next on his line up and don't want to find out. He sticks with this line up with each new day.

Can I just say I have Wiggles in my sleep? I don't think fruit salad is all that yummy yummy anymore! Cold spaghetti is just that....cold. Rolling down the sand hills would make me dizzy and I really don't feel like dancing the gloomies away or doing the eagle rock.

Ok...just the mere fact that I could recall all of those songs without looking at a DVD or CD is amazing. What is really sick is that I could name at least 20 more without even batting an eye.

Did you know that Greg (Yellow Wiggle) has a neurological condition that is not allowing him to tour anymore? He is married is in his late 30's and has kids. Jeff (Purple Wiggle) is in his 50's but sure doesn't look like it. He is not married and was in a band called The Cockroaches with Anthony at one time. Anthony (Blue Wiggle) is in his late 40's and has a wife and kids. His brother produces the show. Murray (Red Wiggle) is also in his late 40's and is married. Not sure on the kids though. All but Jeff have degrees in early childhood development.

How incredibly sad is that? I know more about the Wiggles then I know about some of my acquaintances! Can someone come and help LD to find something else to get fixated on now?

I gotta go Toot Toot Chugga Chugga in my Big Red Car now. So go to dreamland while you Rock-a-bye Your Bear and sail off with Captain Feathersword.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am now one of the "put together" moms

Or so I've been told.

I used to have really long hair that was pulled back just to get it out of the way.

Well....I decided to cut it all off. I got sick of the long, heavy hair and wanted a new look. Of course you can't have a make over without some color added in as well.

Now I actually have a style. Can you believe it? I was told by some friends that I now look like one of those mom's that look put together instead of one that rolled out of bed and got ready in a moments notice! LOL

So....does that mean that I now have to go out and buy the "put together mom" clothes or can I just continue with the "mom on the go" clothes?

Man, I love my sweats!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm sick of sickness!

If one more kid pukes on me, I'm running away! not really but I do feel like it. I have spent the better part of the last 6 weeks with sick kids. Between Little D's therapies and the nursery at church, they seem to be picking up everything but their toys!

One minute its a killer yeast rash on Princess Grabby Hands' bottom. The next it's the flu for LD. Then we get croup for PGH and move onto a full blown cold after that. LD gets a cold as well. We won't go into the dog throwing up somewhere in there (got into rib bones in the garbage).

This is all on top of the normal amount of fur balls from the cats and any other messes that happen daily around here. I am done with the sickies! BE GONE YOU EVIL GERMS! I COMMAND THEE!

Do you think it worked? Probably not...but it was worth a shot!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The most precious gift before bed

Little D had a rough day yesterday. He was using his "almost" three year old mouth all day. He was so sassy and it was a day that I couldn't wait for bedtime.

We put LD to bed and he didn't make too much of a fuss about it. He fell asleep on the floor in his doorway like he does quite often. I don't know why but he just feels a need to fall asleep there.

Before going to bed I usually put him in his bed. Usually I just pick up his limp, sack of potatoes body and put it in bed, cover him up, kiss him on the forehead and leave without him so much as making a whimper.

Last night was different though. The actions and conversation are as follows:

I pick LD up and he slightly wakes up but doesn't say a word. I lay him in bed and go back for his favorite pillow and blanket that are still in the doorway. I lay his pillow in his arms and put the blanket on him.

LD: (with eyes half mast) Thank you for pillow mommy.

ME: You're welcome sweetie.

LD: (still half asleep) Goodnight mommy.

Me: Goodnight sweetie, I love you.

LD: (with a sleepy smile on his face) I love you mommy.

Me: (as I pull the blankets around him closer) Sleep tight and stay warm little man.

LD: (still with that sleepy smile) Night mommy.

and off to dream land he went with that sleepy smile on his face. It was so cute that it just melted my heart. After the day I had, God just made a huge smile in my heart with my little man. It was a moment that I so needed that night.

I love my little boy....sigh.....

Monday, November 5, 2007

So once you have what you wanted...then what?

My house is clean. I don't mean it looks clean. I mean it is uncluttered! I mean it has been purged of all of the junk that I accumulated and kept for no apparent reason. It is CLEAN!

I now have kids rooms that can be walked in. How did that happen? There are no toys everywhere falling off of every shelf. We must have gotten rid of at least 3 boxes of toys.

I no longer have to cram the drawers shut. The clothes actually fit into the drawers without overflowing....IN ALL OF OUR ROOMS! That in itself is a miracle. I got rid of at least 6 garbage bags of our clothes and 4 boxes of kids clothes.

I was ruthless. You should have seen me! I was SMOKIN'! TOSS, KEEP, DONATE, EWWW....and whatever came to mind as I was shown things. It felt so gooooooood!!!!

So now what do I do with myself? I have always had this underlying guilt that my house was cluttered and it kind of just ate at me all the time. Now it isn't and it just doesn't feel right! I lived the other way so long that I don't know what to do with myself now!

I guess I should tackle the garage one of these days. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The bandit strikes again!

If this stinking thing doesn't quit getting into my garbage I'm going to scream!

Ok...want a funny visual? I actually was throwing baby red potatoes at it trying to get it to leave my yard. I can just imagine how that looked! LOL Yeah...I'm a dork. You don't have to tell me.

I tried calling animal control before and they won't deal with it. They told me to buy a trap. Ok...then what? I'd have that trap out for weeks b/c there is like a whole family of the little stinkers living around here. I live near a wooded area...they like my place!

I let the dog out and she chased the bandit up our fence. The determined little gus just stood on the top of the fence waiting for the dog to go back in so he/she could go back to what he/she was doing. Talk about gall!

DH wants to get an air rifle just to encourage the bandits to stop coming back. I don't know if I like that idea but I don't blame him since he is the one cleaning up their messes all the time.

Here is his/her mugshot in case you spot the critter! There is no reward other then you that you are keeping our property clean of garbage!

An act of God...

...or a least a half a dozen church ladies. That is what it took to get my bedroom decluttered. WOW DOES IT LOOK GREAT!

I didn't know you were supposed to be able to see anything below your shoulders while standing up in a vanity mirror! Who knew you were supposed to be able to shut ALL of your drawers of your dresser? You mean to tell me that clothes are not supposed to be packed tighter then sardines in the closet?

WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THESE THINGS? I would have done this a lot sooner! that last part was a tall tale, but it sounded good!

So anyways...I can actually lay in my bed and not feel like my room is going to attack me. I can walk all the way to both dressers without tripping on anything. I can pull clothing out of the closet without having 5 things fall of the hangers from the friction! These feats are right up there with the parting of the Red Sea! I just never thought it would happen!

Believe it or not...I actually got rid of 2 garbage bags worth of yarn! That is a true miracle! I donated it to the craft group at the church because they can always use scrap yarn. I think that in itself is a huge event. ME PART WITH YARN???? WHO KNEW? LOL


Sunday, October 28, 2007

So we are on to conquering my bedroom

Yes...I do mean conquering. When we changed our office into Little D's room so Princess Grabby Hands could have the nursery...well...all the stuff had to go somewhere and only a small amount of it could go in the new desk in the living room. Can you guess where the rest went?

Since that cold February day (yes, PGH slept in our room for quite a while out of me being too lazy to switch rooms) we have harbored things such as a sewing machine, a few huge Rubbermaid containers full of yarn, a book shelf, some cork boards and many other items in our bedroom. Let's just say that my bedroom looks more like Sandford and Son instead of Martha Stuart.

I have some lovely MOPS mommies coming buy to help. They are organizers extraordinaire. Either they are that darn good or they just don't know what they are getting themselves into! I probably have bottles of hair products and perfume in there that have dust on their dust. Mounds of clothes that don't have a home.


You can't tell I'm excited, can you?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


We dropped Little D off at grandma's today and brought Princess Grabby Hands in for her 15 month check up and shots. We were almost home and went over some tracks and POW...the tire blew. The other back tire went slowly flat because there was a nail in it. OH JOY!

SO...we were just 2 blocks from the local tire place so we slowly drove there and they are looking at it now. The one with the nail can be fixed but the other one is a complete blow out. There goes about $90. Isn't that grand? Well, wait a minute...I'm glad it wasn't a grand. I guess it could have been worse.

I left hubby there and walked home with PGH in the stroller because I didn't know how long it was going to take and with PGH just getting shots, I didn't want her having to sit in a tire place for a couple of hours and being uncomfy. Thank God for me being very prepared because I had plenty of blankets in the van to cover her with and cover most of the stroller with because it's super windy out and only 50 degrees. It was about a mile from the tire place to home. Not a bad walk but considering poor baby just got shots. Let's just say she wasn't pleased.

Not how I wanted to spend my morning but what can ya do? SIGH....

PGH is only 15 months and already 32 inches tall. She is 25 lbs 8 oz. My little girl is going to be an Amazon woman! Considering she started life on the 20th percentile for height and weight for the first 5 months....she sure made up for it now! She is now in the 88th percentile for height and 83rd percentile for weight. She is just a really tall girl! SOB....I don't want my baby to grow up yet!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Squirming Cat + Scissors + Wrist = Tetanus Shot

So first of all...I guess I should not be using small embroidery scissors for cutting matted hair off of a wiggly cat. D'OH!

Cats are very squirmy, in case you didn't know. Scissors that are as skinny as a fork tine plunging into your wrist does not feel good, in case you didn't know. AND...trying to figure out when you had your last tetanus shot at 10:00 at night can be frustrating, in case you didn't know.

So now that you've had the bullet points, here is what happened:
I was trying to cut matted hair out of my over furry cat. He usually doesn't move too much but I guess he was just in a mood and decided in mid cut that he needed to flip off of my lap. The scissors slipped and rammed right into my wrist causing one side of the blade to go about 1/2 inch into my wrist. THANK GOD IT MISSED THE ARTERY BY AN INCH! That would have been horrid!

As I was trying to get the pain to stop, I thought that maybe I may need to get a tetanus shot. Now to the normal people, this shouldn't be too hard to figure out. BUT to an accident prone Annie...this is hard to figure out. I have cut or hurt myself more times then I can imagine. Couldn't be that I don't use the right tool for the job...NOOOOOOO! >insert eye roll here<

Well, going back through the years by each mishap, hubby said he didn't recall me getting a shot since we've been together and that was 8 years ago next month. Then I had to recall the 2 years before that. I realized that I must have gotten one at least 11 or 12 years ago when I cut my hand on a metal blind while working at a blind factory. That had to be it.

Off I went the next morning for a shot. Oh fun. I was ready for them to take me away in a straight jacket thinking that I tried to off myself or something because of it being on my wrist. I can tell you that if someone was trying to commit suicide, scissor puncture to the wrist is not the first choice they would go with.

So now it is a day later and my arm is killing me! The wrist feels ok. It's where the shot was that feels like a professional wrestler socked me in the arm. OUCH! I can't wait for this knot to go away now. least I'm good for another 10 years...right? >another big eye roll here<

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yes it really is our anniversary

And the whole day has went by and I don't think either hubby nor I even thought to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to each other. What does that say about us? LOL

We aren't mad at each other. We aren't even frustrated with each other. I just don't think either of us has it in us to think of this day as any other day. It just is what it is.

So's been 6 years since we tied the knot. We got married on Sweetest Day in 2001 just 39 days after the Twin Towers were attacked. How's that for starting your marriage off realizing how much you really mean to each other? We knew from that point on how fleeting life was and there are no guarantees that we will be here tomorrow. I guess that has made us respect and love each other that much deeper because we can't know how long we will have each other.

Well, onward and upward with the happier stuff. We enjoyed the morning at the park with the kids. While Little D found it fun to try to leave with other families (I guess we just aren't meeting his standards or something)...Princess Grabby Hands decided to wander the streets...LITERALLY! She kept making a bee line for the parking lot keeping mom and dad (mainly daddy) on their toes. What a little stinker. Apparently the fun park stuff wasn't doing it for her...she wanted to go play out in traffic!

Six years have passed since we said I do. Are we more in love? Maybe. Are we sick of each other yet? I don't think so. Hey...neither of us has ripped the others head clear off his neck. I think that says something right there! LOL

So this year starts the 7 year itch. I doubt it will effect us in any way. I don't either of us has any energy to want to start a new relationship with anyone else. I doubt either of us would find anyone better for each other anyways. We balance each other too well. While hubby is an eternal pessimist, I'm the cheerleader optimist. Even when I am in a funk, hubby turns it around and becomes the cheerleader for me. We just switch roles seamlessly sometimes as the need arises.

So here is to another 6 years and beyond. I just pray that we will both be on this earth to grow old together and see our grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have to be able to spoil with abandon someday don't we? Can't do it to our own kids or else pandemonium would ensue....have to wait for grandchildren!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Even licensed professionals shouldn't color their hair on their own...

Well, I started out with drab medium brown hair. I have no clue if that is my real hair color. I haven't had just my own hair color since I was 15 years old. That is another story was the 80's...I had to be a bleach blond! LOL

Anywho...I decided I wanted blond highlights. Well, more like streaks. I wanted them to stand out a bit but not be totally bright. I guess I'm no longer making sense here, but I digress. I was too lazy to go to the beauty supply store and do it professionally with the right supplies so I decided to do a box of highlighting stuff from the store. How the heck does the normal person do the streaks right when a licensed professional can't do it the way the box tells you to? This is ridiculous.

I have my hubby help me. He is going off of what I was telling him to do and apparently not getting it. My hair came out striped and very uneven. Let me tell you....I was not going out of the house like that. The blond was TOOOOOO blond and it was in funky chunks (not funky in a good way).

Strike two...An hour after the first mess up, I get hubby to go buy another box of color. I tell him to pick up a dark red to cover up the streaks and hope that I end up with dark red hair with strawberry highlights. The only way to describe the color that resulted from that application is "OH MY GOSH IS THIS RED!" I think if I went outside someone would think my head was on fire and douse me with a bucket of water. This cannot stay either. We won't even go into the fact that the blond now looks rather orange and still splotchy.

So now on to try number three. The next morning we couldn't go to church because the kids were sick. I guess part of me was relieved because I didn't want to go their with hair that looked as if Satan had a hand in picking the color (totally not hubby's fault...the color looked great on the box). I slap a hat on my head and run to the store myself.

I find a nice neutral light brown and figure that it would blend the blond ( blotches) and tone down the red. I shove this third color in less then 24 hours on my head and wait the 25 minutes. I wash it out and this is what I now have:

Not that it's bad, it's just not what I had planned on. I wanted my medium to light brown hair with blond highlights. I got dark reddish auburn hair instead. Oh well. At least I am presentable and am getting compliments on it. Maybe next time I won't take the *ahem* easy way out and do it right the first time. >INSERT HUGE EYE ROLL HERE!<

Onto the next order of business...

Two words...


Yes...that is Little D and Princess Grabby Hands watching TV. I have no clue why her diaper was so baggy but I just had to get a picture of her little baby butt crack hanging out. It was too cute to pass up.

Now back your regularly scheduled web surfing....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm going to glue his butt to the bed


I think we have a record tonight. I lost count but I do know that little D was up a minimum of 15 times tonight. It's so hard to stay mad at a little boy yelling "I NEED A KISS" from the other room.

Let's see...the list of excuses tonight:

"I need a kiss." 4 times
"Look at my cars." twice
"Car on the lines." (on his street rug in his room)
"Need trains on my bed." (I don't think so young man. Trains can stay on the train table.)
Threw a foam chair over the gate in his doorway and then crawled over and landed on it.
"Shmuzzy bear need shoe." (Bear's shoe fell off...or rather was taken off to give LD a reason to get out of bed.)
"Need more cars."
Comes out with fireman hat.
Comes out with foam chair to watch TV.

The list is probably longer but my frazzled brain may have forgotten some of the excuses.

I would never do it but there are nights that duct tape and bungee cords pop into my mind! LOL

Friday, October 12, 2007

The adventures of Calamity Jane

Yes, I'm talking about Princess Grabby Hands. No, we haven't officially changed her name but I am contemplating it after this past week!

I feel like that commercial "It will be a miracle if she makes it to 2." She came into this world and within 3 weeks Little D dropped a board book on her head. I think that should have been an prophesy of things to come.

Within this week the child has fallen off of 4 chairs (thankfully they are children's chairs and not regular ones), got a minor shiner from tripping over the end of a wooden slide in a toddler area, had a bruise on her shin (no clue where it came from), bumped her head multiple times on various items and got shoved off of a mini-trampoline that is for LD's therapy. I wonder who could have shoved her....hmm......can you even dare to guess! LOL

It will truly be a miracle if she makes it to 18 months much less 2 years old. The child is definitely Calamity Jane. I will be shocked if she makes it to her second birthday without stitches. Then again, I said the same thing about LD and he hasn't had stitches yet so I'm amazed at him as well.

I think I have a lot of worry ahead for years to come. Oh fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gotta love selective hearing

Why is it that a child who cannot hear his name when it is being shouted from three feet away 20 times can hear the ear splitting crash of two marshmallows colliding in mid air?

I can literally be just a few feet from Little D shouting his name numerous times and he won't even flinch. I feel sorry for his future wife! He has the "male" selective hearing times 10! AND...yes, we've had his hearing checked as well as looked for fluid in the ears. He just doesn't hear what he doesn't want to hear.

This same child can hear me pulling one little jellybean out of a bowl from the opposite end of the house and come running out with his hand open. Where is this super sensitive hearing when I am calling him to pick up toys?

I know when LD is back in his room with Princess Grabby Hands that he is trying to pull her into his ways! She sometimes can be the same way! Bring out some food of any sort and PGH comes toddling through so fast there is smoke coming from her tootsies!

Maybe that is the key...I need to stop calling for them and just start rustling wrappers and bags out in the living room. Maybe they'll catch on too fast but I might fool them for at least a week or so!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh Pumpkin, Where Art Thou

Today was PUMPKIN PATCH DAY at the Little D and Princess Grabby Hands household. Grandma treated us and Auntie came along for the ride! What a great day!

From singing chickens:

To train rides with mom and dad:

Fun was had by all! LD got to root for pig number one (Sqealy Ray Cirus) and his little porker took first place. Here he is cheering his piggy on with Grandma (his most favorite person in the world).

PGH helped cheer on the piggies with Daddy.

Here he is going up to accept his sticker for being a #1 PIG ROOTER and his first place ribbon. He wouldn't let me take a picture with the ribbon.

PGH sits among the giant orange things, of which she has no idea what they are, while LD searches for just the right pumpkin.

LD gets to pick a pumpkin. Of course he NEEDS the 31 lb pumpkin. What kid doesn't? I guess when you are as cute as he is and the apple of Grandma's eye, you can get her to pay $9 for a pumpkin! LOL

PGH is tuckered out. It's been a long day for her majesty! Why can't I have a ride when I am tired at the end of a fun day? No fair!

I still want my stinking Alpaca farm so I can make my own yarn and sell it on eBay! What a cute, hungry Alpaca. This one ate almost my entire little cup of carrots! We couldn't resist her (at least I think it was a her) beautiful, huge eyes!

What a great day. It was 84 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. It was almost empty in there because it was just after the school kids left from the field trips and just before parents got off work to bring in more kids. There must have only been about 50 people in the whole place (not including workers). What a perfect time to get there (1:30 pm).

Oh...Just to bring a smile to your is a little video of LD dancing with the Can Can Chickens. He loves them. AND NO...It's not my foot tapping him on the butt. That is Auntie's foot! LOL

You've heard of Dancing With the Stars! Now watch Dancing With the Chickens!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why must I be the keeper of the toilet paper?

Am I the only adult capable in this house to change the roll? I guess so!

I can almost guarantee that if there is a roll that is almost empty, hubby will use all but 2 sheets of toilet paper to avoid changing the roll. You know....IT'S NOT EMPTY the excuse. Yeah, like what can I do with 2 sheets of toilet paper? Pick a booger? I couldn't even blow my nose with that small amount!

The last time I went into the bathroom I made sure to tell hubby to bring a roll in with him since it is almost empty. That was earlier this afternoon. I go in there a few minutes ago (mind you this is now about 8 hours later) and find the roll with a few wisps of toilet paper hanging off of it and the new roll still sitting on the back of the toilet.

I think this is an epidemic. I know many other "Keepers of the toilet paper" as well and their complaints are the same. I guess pushing that spindle together to pop out, pulling the cardboard roll off, sliding the new roll on and then pushing the spindle back into the holder is just too hard.

Maybe we should start a school. "TOILET PAPER INSTILLATION FOR THE ROLL REMOVAL CHALLANGED 101" We'll save 102 for recognizing that the roll will be empty enough soon to make sure another roll is available for the next person in case they need it. I can guarantee that there would be a line of wives out the door signing up husbands and kids left and right. Now if we could actually get said husbands and kids to attend the class...that is the problem. I go keeping fannies wiped and keeping females from having to drip dry. Into the night I whoosh making sure that nobody is needing to yell through the door "I NEED A ROLL!" For I am KEEPER OF THE TOILET PAPER! The mightiest of all!

So join me! KEEPERS OF THE TOILET PAPER UNITE! Or is it untie? No matter, I will keep all toilet paper spindles filled or die trying! Or maybe it's try no no! Maybe do some tie dying? Whichever! AND I'M OFF! >Way off....just ask my hubby!<

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's play the "NOT STAY IN BED" game

I don't know who is worse lately...Little D or Princess Grabby Hands! Who knew that two children under 3 years old could play this game so well? Is there a private school that I don't know about that they are attending during nap time or something?

Here is the scenario:

I put them both in bed. PGH cries like I just put her down to be eaten by wolves or something. LD smiles and says NIGHT MOM and grabs his pillow. I know LD is just humoring me. PGH calms down and I think all is well.

Within 30 minutes LD will hop out of bed and bound into the living room. Usually it is "I got hiccups" or "Tie my bear's shoe (which is already tied, by the way)" or "I need kisses" or about 20 other phrases he has decided are great excuses for getting out of bed. Anyone have some duct tape for this kid? UGH! Bungee cords??? ANYTHING??? I'm desperate!

With LD, I follow the GET BACK IN BED now method and lead him in there. Works sometimes but not others. If only I had the patience of Supernanny! Yeah right! Does she even have kids? Patience is not for those that have them. Patience is for those that can give them back to their parents after a few hours!

So then LD gets...well...not quiet but at least he gets it that he has to stay in bed. Within an hour, PGH (who has been asleep this whole time) will wake up screaming bloody murder. I wait a few minutes thinking that maybe she just woke up startled and will go back to sleep. No...I am not ignoring her...well, maybe yes I am but this is a nightly pattern so I doubt anything is really wrong with her.

After about 3 to 5 minutes of the crying to get more pitiful, I finally check on her. She sits there with fear in her eyes and wants to come out of bed NOW! I pick her up to calm her. PGH is fine the second she is in my arms. I try to put her back down. No go. She wants to stay up now! SIGH....

I bring her to the living room and rock her for a little bit. She starts dozing off and I think "HEY...LET'S TRY THE BED THING AGAIN!!!!" As soon as I stand up her eyes pop wide open. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I get her in her room and she cries her face off in the crib. I tell her goodnight and let her cry. It's usually over within about 5 minutes when she realizes that mom won't let her stay up all night.

Now it's even worse when Daddy is home. When PGH gets up, she flirts so horribly with Daddy that he will hold her for an hour! No wonder she is doing this nightly pattern. She knows Daddy will give in because she is just that darn cute! He is in huge trouble with that one. He can't resist my puppy dog eyes and she has them, too! We are so lucky that I control the check book or else this child would probably get him to buy her a toy store!

As I type, I have PGH finally calmed down and back to slumber land. LD is in his room counting loudly (as he does so often while trying to get to sleep) but it's getting quieter and slower so he must be calming down as well. Maybe, just maybe I'll get peace and quiet by 9:00 pm! I can wish can't I? As my grandpa used to say..."Sit on one hand and wish on the other, then see which gets filled first." Grandpas are so full of wisdom, aren't they? ;) I can't wait to get old and cantankerous so I can fill my grandkids with such wisdom! LOL

Monday, October 1, 2007

A root canal is nowhere near a filling!

Ok, when you are going in expecting just a filling and leave with a root canal...your day isn't that wonderful! BLEH!

I went in today expecting to get one or two teeth filled. I had a lost filling and a broken tooth but thought they were just filling worthy and even the person who did the initial exam said fillings. Well, that is the last time I listen to anybody but the person who will actually be working on my teeth!

I go in and am told that BOTH TEETH need root canals. OH FUN! I only got one done today. I go back for the other one at the end of the month. I have to wait on the crown portions because of the expense but at least the pain of the nerve will end. can hate me wasn't that bad. I've heard horror stories of people jumping out of the chair. I was numbed up and it began. The dentist was the most soft spoken and calm man I have ever been around. Part way through I felt a little twinge and he said I would need another shot in the actual nerve. I was waiting to be hanging from the ceiling by my finger nails during this.

He injected the nerve and counted to 5 (expecting me to cling to the chair like a baby monkey hanging for dear life as it's mom swung through the jungle). I just sat there like nothing was happening. The dentist looked at me in shock. He asked if I had felt it. I said yes but it wasn't more then a tiny pinch that was gone in less then a second. He said that is the part everyone dreads and why they put off getting a root canal for long periods of time.

Either I have the highest pain tolerance on the planet or other people are just way too sensitive! I don't get it. I really didn't find it to be that big of a deal. Is root canal pain just over rated for extra sympathy?

So, now I sit here drooling on myself like an infant and hungry as all get out. I don't dare eat because none of it would stay in my mouth anyways right now. My lip feels about the size of Daffy Duck's beak! My tongue feels like someone shoved an over inflated hot dog in my mouth. Such a lovely picture I am painting for you, isn't it?

So go on and eat your lovely dinners and think of me with a mouth so numb that I could get 1000 piercings in it and not feel even one (not that I would but you get the picture) and talking out of the side of my mouth. WOOHOO! >INSERT HUGE EYE ROLL HERE<

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lost Little D for 10 minutes today

I was so scared that I thought I would throw up.

Hubby was in the prayer room praying about this decision of leaving us for school. I got the kids from the nursery and went to wait outside of the room for him. A lady that runs the grief counseling group that I know was talking to me about what was going on and wanting my phone number to get some information to me. I let go of the kids (we were by a wall and it was pretty open ~ not too many people right next to us) and wrote it down. Princess Grabby Hands started toddling away and Little D ran after her to grab her with me following close behind. I grabbed PGH and next thing I knew, LD was nowhere to be found.

LD, being not even 3 years old yet and with autism, is completely fearless. I was petrified that he ran outside or any other worse situation that goes through a mom's mind when their kid is missing. I started dodging between people. There were so many there b/c it was right after the 9:30 service ended and people were coming in for the 11:00 service. I am shouting for LD at this point with everyone looking around to see who I was yelling for.

A woman from my retreat yesterday saw me and knowing my LD is autistic started searching frantically with me. She saw one of the security people (my hubby is on security too so we know them) and they went outside and alerted the greeters to look for him.

10 minutes seemed like 10 hours at this point. I must have made the rounds around the church at least 15 times. I had PGH in my arms and left the diaper bag by the prayer room door. I pass by the prayer room door on another pass and guess who is there trying to lift the diaper bag.....YES MY SON!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

I just grabbed him and hugged him so tightly. I shoved both of the kids in the prayer room with daddy at this point (don't know why I didn't get him when this first happened but my brain was mush) and went to find those who were looking to tell them he had been found. By this time, my friend from the retreat was in tears herself and security was getting someone in a golf cart to drive around the parking lot. THANK YOU LORD FOR THOSE THAT CARE SO MUCH.

Needless to say, my eyes are red from crying now. We got to the van and buckled the kids in....I just lost it. I bawled for 5 minutes.

Yes, LD got "the lecture" about staying near mommy and never running off. And people wonder why I usually have him on a harness backpack thingy.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We go Grandma's house

I know if Little D could dig a tunnel the whole 16 miles to Grandma's house, he would in a heartbeat. Every single time we get in the van, the first thing he says is "WE GO GRANDMA'S HOUSE!" 90% of the time he is wrong and lets us know how upset he is that we aren't going the direction he thinks we should.

LD is always trying to "tell" us which way to go by saying "THAT WAY" and pointing in a direction. Incredibly, he always points in the direction that Grandma lives no matter which way we are going. How does a two year old do that? It's almost freaky!

One day we are going to follow his pointing and see if he leads us there. I will probably fall over laughing if he did. The child cannot remember that we just told him to pick up his toys but he can remember which direction Grandma's house is no matter how long it's been since we've gone there last.

Grandma just promised him the pumpkin farm next week. I know he is going to love it. We will go to Grandma's house and LD will not care that we are going to see pumpkins (although he talks about them constantly all the time). He will only care that Grandma is getting in the van with us to go there, too.

My hubby has a daddy's girl with Princess Grabby Hands. I have a momma's boy with LD but the second Grandma is in the picture....mommy becomes chopped liver! Oh the humanity! LOL

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It takes so little to make me happy

I have some things for sale on eBay. One of the items went up by a quarter in the last minute. I squealed with delight. How incredibly silly is that?

I tell ya! My hubby says it is way too easy to make me happy and I'm a super cheap date. That's me! If I am what I eat then I'm cheap, fast and easy!

I don't ever want gifts. I never want to go anywhere. I don't drink. I don't buy expensive perfumes or anything for myself. I don't wear make up often. I don't wear much jewelry. I must be the lowest maintenance wife just above the Amish!

For Christmas, my birthday and Mother's Day, my hubby says it's like pulling teeth to find out what to get me for a gift. I never want anything really. On rare occasion I have gotten a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure and it takes me a while to use it. I still haven't gone for that hubby told me to go get back in January.

Why do I do this? Why do I not care? I mean, I am glad I am not materialistic but how come I am not that upset about putting myself last? I am a woman! I should care about this stuff.

I think I am part alien. I really do. What other woman does not want anything? What other woman gets excited over a stinking quarter increase in an auction she is selling?

I am pathetic! I need a life I guess! LOL

Friday, September 21, 2007

Aparently I stink

Well, I can tell you all because it will just stay between you and me right? I know you won't tell anyone!

I was going to the bathroom the other day. You know....not number one but number two. I had the door open, as usual when you have two toddlers and you have no other adult in the house to watch that they don't destroy the entire place in the few minutes you are in there.

So anyways, I was going to the bathroom and my sweet and charming Little D (almost 3 for those of you new to my blog) left the hallway to go to the living room. I thought he was just going to go play or something. A minute later he comes back with the wipes. Now, you have to know that he brings me the wipes whenever Princess Grabby Hands (our 14 month old baby girl) is stinky. It's just his way of telling me she needs a diaper change.

Back to my story, he brings me the wipes. I ask him if PGH is stinky. He replies no. I ask him if HE is stinky. He replies no. I said who are the wipes for. He says, "MOMMY IS TINKY!!" GEE THANKS KIDDO! I laughed so hard I almost fell off the toilet.

After composing myself, I told him, "Well yours doesn't smell like roses either son and at least you don't have to clean MINE up!" The things this kid comes up with!

So, now you all know my embarrassing story about LD, the bathroom and mommy. I know you will totally keep this to yourself and not tell a soul, right? I have your word don't I? I thought so! THANKS!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I don't know what got into me

Maybe I am sick of looking at the stuff. Maybe it's because we need the money. Maybe I am just enjoying selling stuff. I just finally got a bunch of stuff listed on eBay.

Wow that is hard work. I give a lot of credit to those women that do this for a living to make extra cash. All that picture taking and pricing and description making. WHEW

Now I can see why some people just go to these eBay brokers to get their stuff listed. How do I start a racket like that? I can do that for a living...especially if it's kids stuff!

Now if only I can get motivated to clean out the rest of my house. I guess this is a step in the right direction...right? I swear, there are days that I feel like just cleaning out the whole house and putting it up on eBay. It's just stuff that I probably don't really need and most likely wouldn't miss.

Why do we get so attached to our junk? I mean really! You can hold onto something so small and insignificant for years and then finally pull it out and wonder what the heck you kept it for. How silly.

I need to go through the rest of the 4 million boxes in the garage. Maybe, just maybe there could be something worth something in one of them. Probably not though! While I'm dreaming....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So who wants to get me organized?

I think I have bought at least 3 books on organization. I would read them except I have no clue where they are! That statement would be funnier if it weren't true....sigh.

I'm looking around my house and am just shaking my head in disgust. I am tired of saying "sorry about the mess but we are in the middle of spring cleaning" when it's already September! I have a box for a box, a bag for a bag and piles all over. BLEH!

So, who wants to come clean out my house? I totally need one of those clutter shows here. They would probably look at my house and say NEVER MIND! I know, I'm pathetic! I told you I am a supermom dropout! You don't believe me?

My living room is decorated in early toddler. Toys, hand prints and crumbs everywhere. My kitchen is clutter haven. It has junk that is on it's way to the garage on a few counters but has not made it that far. We won't talk about the dog food all over the floor that the dog seemed to think she needed to spread around.

Speaking of the garage....wait, I don't want to speak about it. I have a 2 1/2 car garage that I cannot get one car into. With my sister's stuff in there (tanning bed, washer, dryer, TV's, bikes, etc.) and all my junk (those many boxes of clothes I mentioned in a previous post), you have to CLIMB all over everything to get to what you are looking for.

The attic. Well....yeah....the attic. It isn't full but the whole area around the pull down steps is so crowded that I can't put anything else up there unless I organized first. I will be lucky to find the Christmas decorations in a couple of months.

My bedroom. The catch all for everything we don't want getting into the kid's hands. Toys that are taken from them when they won't pick them up so they become ours for a day or two. Laundry that is always over due for getting done. My dresser that I don't remember what the top of it looks like because of all the junk that gets piled on it. What a wonderful, peaceful haven to sleep in. NOT!

Princess Grabby Hand's room. The kids don't play in there so it has boxes of clothes to grow into flowing out of the closet. There is a box of extra stuff from the kitchen that we don't know what to do with it. She, also, has my old desk (from when I was a kid) in there and her room is DINKY! Poor girl. One of these years I'll get to redecorating and organizing her room. Maybe in time for her to get married even!

The bathroom. Between the two litter boxes that tends to have more litter out of the then in them because of the sloppy cats and a hubby that has a habit of leaving EVERYTHING in there (including a complete library of books) I always feel like the place is a mess. We won't go into the bath toys hanging on the wall in a mesh laundry bag.

Now the last thing, Little D's room. Believe it or not, our 2 1/2 year old room is the most organized in the house. Well, it was the most recent redecorating project that we have done (this past spring). We made him a Bat Cave....Batman. I recently changed the furniture around in there to make it easier for the kid's to play in there so everything is pretty well organized. Wow, who would have thunk it? A boy's room cleaner then the rest of the house.

Oh wait! I cannot forget our yard. I have a brown and withered thumb so the thought of me growing anything but hostas (the plant that never dies) is a joke. In fact, I am so over run with hostas that I think the yard will soon no longer need mowing because it will be one giant hosta. I guess that is what I get for wanting something that I can plant that I can't kill. The yard is decorated in preschool playground. Swing set, club house, ride on cars, bikes, trikes, basketball hoop, etc. all clutter the yard. I can't complain, it was all given to us for free.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So I guess someone wants to work in my place

I went to the unemployment office to get some paperwork showing that I do not qualify for unemployment payments. I have not worked in years due to being a stay at home mom. The woman behind the desk brings up my social security number and asks "I see you worked at XXX recently." First of all, I never heard of the place. Second, I haven't worked in about 4 years. Thirdly, it had the name Phoebe Barrett next to it.

As you probably noticed by my profile, Phoebe Barrett is not now nor has it ever been my name. Apparently this person has decided to pay into my social security income. I don't know. I have to call tomorrow to see what I have to do. This lady better not make me have to go through the trouble of changing my social security number or else I'll be a very cranky lady!

I am not worried about her stealing my identity in the terms of getting credit or whatever. I will share with you that the only credit she could achieve with my social security number is the credit that someone is alive that has it. Due to many medical issues (and subsequent bills), let's just say me getting a credit card would be harder then Donald Trump being turned down for one. It's just not going to happen.

So here I sit with a double identity and no money to show for the cash she is making at her job. Hey, if you're gonna use my number, at least give me some money that your making on it! Just kidding there but now I have to deal with yet another governmental office (OH JOY) to get this straightened out. We won't talk about today with having to go to 5 governmental offices all today. That is another story that I just don't want to talk about. The lines and waiting that I had to do was worse then the line for the newest roller coaster at Walt Disney World. UGH!

Monday, September 17, 2007

We now have 4 upright people in our house!

Watch out world! Princess Grabby Hands now has a higher reach! She is a full fledged walker now! She walks 90% of the time and is getting faster each day. OH MY!

I look at PGH and Little D and wonder where those two delicate babies went that I had not so very long ago. I asked this of hubby the other day and he said the two toddlers we now have ate them! I don't doubt it. They look a little like those babies but are so "KID" looking now.

I told PGH today that she better either pray for an extremely fast metabolism or learn to slow down on the eating. The rate she is going, she will be 500 lbs by her second birthday! That child will eat her food and try to nibble on what her brother won't eat. I get one super picky kid and one that would eat dirt if you gave it to her.

Speaking of eating, I think her favorite food right now is paper. Any kind of paper. Notebook, magazine, toilet paper, paper name it, she'll eat it. I have no clue. I swear I give her enough fiber and her diapers are proving that!

Little D won't eat squat. All meat except for chicken nuggets are made of poop in his book. Won't touch eggs, veggies or even hot dogs! What 2 year old won't eat a hot dog? Not that I thing they are all that great nutrition wise but COME ON! Don't they all pretty much like them? If the kid doesn't have his Ovaltine and Pop Tart every morning, you would think that the sun refused to shine that day or something. What a picky pants!

I guess PGH takes after mommy. She hasn't met a goody she doesn't like. Oh boy! That is not the trait I want her to get from me. I have the figure to prove that statement. She is pretty slim now so I'm just hoping it continues or the poor girl is gonna have a lot of junk in that plush trunk of hers!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So now I NEED to make socks

My friend Ann got me on a kick to wanting to knit my first pair of socks. Or as hubby says, tie knots in yarn to make something. She has been feeding into my addiction as well by giving me links to patterns. Leave it to a friend to help you push further into an addiction when she has it herself! LOL You know I love ya Ann!

So anyways, I get this yarn off of EBay and it was delivered today. It is an Alpaca and Merino wool yarn blend. Can I just say that this is the softest, silkiest yarn I have ever felt? I cannot wait to make a nice pair of dressy socks for church for under my nice slacks and feel my feet GLIDE into them. You know it is luxurious yarn when your hubby feels it and requests socks made for himself out of this yarn!

AND...again feeding my addiction...Ann made me some stitch markers that are AWESOME that I'll get to use on pretty much any sock pattern I decide to use. At least I know someone who doesn't think I'm completely nuts for my yarn addiction.

I have told hubby that we need to buy an Alpaca farm now. Well, he is unemployed right now and hoping to get into a slightly different type of job then straight drafting. What is more different then owning a bunch of goofy looking animals that you can make yarn from? I told him that we see the commercials all the time and joke about it. I could make my own yarn and even sell it! I'm just dreaming but it would be cool! We wouldn't have the start up money for a farm. It's tempting though!

It's the little things like a really nice yarn to make me happy. I'm so pitiful! I get giddy over yarn! How goofy. Oh well, like I told hubby when he met me, at least I'm a cheap date. I enjoy the minor things in life and am very low maintenance! Put me in a yarn store and just let me feel yarns! LOL Sad....isn't it?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Does it count as exercise?

I just spent the evening dancing with my kids. I sure hope I burned at least a few calories! I am ready to toss out this CD now. The songs have well annoyed me after the third round of playing them.

First we did the Chicken Dance. You know the one. The dance that everyone looks like a fool doing at every wedding in full dressed up attire. "I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck, so I'll shake my butt! QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!" Yes, I did the hand motions, the butt shaking and everything. I think Little D was more baffled (one of his new words) then anything at seeing mommy flap like a chicken! LOL

So then we move onto the Hokey Pokey. Did I spell that right? I have no clue. Get hubby had no clue what the motions to the part that says "Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around" and I had to show him. Yes, he was trying to do it with us. The funniest part? We were in the living room with the blinds wide open to the big picture window! I can just imagine someone passing by and seeing our two big butts doing the Hokey Pokey! LOL The kids are too short to see them unless you are right next to the house so that had to look hilarious!

Well, we also did Ring Around the Rosie. LD loves ALL FALL DOWN! He thinks it's hilarious. Mommy thinks it's time to get a new body so I can get up before the next turn of ALL FALL DOWN! This body FALLS DOWN just fine but it's the getting back up part that it doesn't like.

I've also discovered that just because I'm Happy and I Know It that I don't always want to clap my hands after I've heard the song at least three times. There was a weird part in that song that had someone crying. How peculiar. I found it a little disturbing but hey, if they want to cry in a song, then that is their option I guess. LD heard this and got hysterical (in a sad way) that someone was crying. I've never seen him have such empathy for someone else before. WOW!

Princess Grabby Hands was dancing with daddy through most of this. She is just in love with her daddy. I guess most baby girls are! They looked so cute together. PGH was cracking up with everyone dancing.

I am hoping LD goes to sleep faster. He out danced everyone here. He was running around and around in circles for about 30 minutes after we were pooped! I was waiting for him to fall down from being completely dizzy. Never happened.

That reminds me...don't roll down a hill as an adult. You don't recover very quickly to go running back up it. Last time I did that, the kids that were with us ran back up and rolled back down three more times before I could even stand up because I was so dizzy. There are three things you should never do after 30. First, don't roll down hills. Second, don't do anything that puts your butt over your head (cartwheels, flips, etc.) unless you are well trained and thirdly, don't try to keep up your energy level with a 2 year old boy. It just won't happen unless you are an aerobics instructor. I think mommy needs a nap now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

So why can't I get automatic clothes rotation?

I just spent about 2 hours sorting through clothes. First, the hand me down clothes given to me by friends (THANKS GALS) that are for both Little D and Princess Grabby Hands. I had looked through them when I first got them but never actually did anything with them aside from leaving them in their boxes on my couch until now because the items were a little too big.

Today I decided that PGH's belly button hanging out of everything and ankles showing when she wears pants is over. If LD wore some of his jammies much longer, the ability of him creating grandchildren would be in question because they were getting a bit snug in *AHEM* certain places. I washed, folded and sorted everything by drawer (or hanging up) to get used which took about an hour to do (besides the actual washing/drying). Can I just say these kids are set?

I spent the next 30 minutes going through their drawers (the ones in their dressers, not the ones on their butts....they still have diapers, not undies). Found almost two boxes of outgrown clothes between the two of them. I think that both LD and PGH would have been wearing Daisy Duke shorts soon if I kept some of them in their clothes line up. Anybody need some clothes? I think there are about 20 boxes in the garage now. Ok, let me rephrase that....anybody want to help me get ready for a garage sale? I didn't think so....

Well, then I spent about another 30 minutes putting all the new clothes in their homes. I know there are probably things I missed but I'll find them when I go to put them on their little fannies and they are showing baby booty cracks when they bend over! LOL It already happened to PGH with a pair of pants daddy put on her yesterday. They were a tad small and we had to change her before going grocery shopping so people wouldn't take pitty on the poor ragamuffin child!

I don't know how people switch their whole wardrobe between the seasons. I just can't be that organized. I'm lucky if all my clothes in MY closet fit me at the same time much less if it's the right season. Considering I wear shorts around the house in the winter because I keep the place nice and toasty, no point in storing them away.

So my idea...I want an automatic clothes rotation system. One that scans the kids, gets their measurements and determines which clothes in their rooms will not fit anymore and weeds them out into a box. Would be nice, eh? While I'm dreaming.......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Why is that so hard for two toddlers to understand? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Well, I guess I shouldn't complain too bad since they are now sleeping until 8:00 am instead of the 6:00 am that used to be their wake up call. I had to convince them that the sun would still rise even if they weren't awake to greet it. I am the type of gal who loved to sleep in until the crack of noon. I NEED 10 hours of sleep to feel normal. Why is that so hard for a child to understand? Don't they know that mommy would be much more pleasant to deal with if they slept until at least 10:00 am? Geesh!

Another thing, those children do not know the most wonderfulness of sleeping in on an overcast cool day! These are not my children! I have no idea where they came from but it couldn't have been from this body. This body would only produce children that can sleep with the best of them. So now my fate is sealed. I am doomed to get up early until they are teenagers and want to sleep in. You know what will happen then, don't you? That is when mommy will wake them up nice and early (on a Saturday no less) and tell them, "If I'm up then you have to be up!" I'm so mean! LOL

Can I just have a weekend in a hotel room just to sleep until I can't sleep anymore? I would love to just wake up naturally because I am well rested instead of waking up because someone is talking loudly in their room to make sure I can hear them so they can get up. I am blessed to have them but is one weekend a year too much to ask for a complete sleep in weekend? YAWN!!!!

Little D is going down under!

With all of the children's shows that Little D watches being based out of Australia, I am positive he will be sounding like an Aussie before long. He already sounds like he's from Jersey half the time b/c he leaves the R's off of things!

LD's favorite show is The Upside Down Show. They only made 13 episodes but the child cannot get enough of these to "brilliant" Aussies! >>>>In case you didn't know, they use the word brilliant as an adjective in place of things like wonderful or great.<<<<>

Then, you have The Wiggles. Anyone who doesn't know who these guys are has to be living under a rock. Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony sing, dance and amuse their way into millions of living rooms daily. This is not LD's favorite but he loves the music. Even if I am just playing the CD, he wants to try to sing.

Now, we have the Koala Brothers. These little guys help solve problems in the outback with their plane and band of buddies. I think hubby and I get more of a kick from betting which two friends they will help each episode then the kids do watching them. We usually bet a dollar for each one and it doesn't really matter who wins because the money goes into the kid's piggy banks anyways. It's all in fun.

I listen to LD speak. He gets this slight accent going. I'm beginning to think that he is going to live in Australia when he grows up! He says things with the same flare as these characters. Well, if he wants to live there, he better take all of us with him. I'd love to visit Australia!

Monday, September 10, 2007

This medicine may cause mass hysteria!

Little D was just put on allergy medicine today. He was having problems during some of his therapies and being exceptionally louder so we had his ears checked out and there was some signs of allergies and sinus issues causing him to be a bit off and his hearing to be clogged up.

So he gets prescribed this medicine, Hydroxyzine. What does a good mommy do? I read all of the warnings first. I just love how they word these things. It's all doom and gloom if you take it but it is supposed to make you better, right?

For starters, LD cannot drive while on this medicine nor can he operate heavy machinery. So I guess my toddler won't be jetting around town in his sports car or operating a back hoe. Darn it! I wanted him to run some errands for me or dig a ditch! What is a non-heavy machinery? Does that mean he can operate a radio? What about a microwave? Can he operate Match Box cars? What about battery operated trains? Hmmm....guess I'll have to look this one up.

Unfortunately, LD will not be able to nurse a child or be pregnant either. Now, I was looking forward to having grandchildren some day but I knew it wouldn't be for at least a couple more decades (or at least it better not be if he knows what's good for him) and I had a pretty good feeling that he would not be carrying nor nursing his children. But then again, in 20 years who knows what medical science will come up with. Maybe they will find a way for the men to do all the pregnancy and labor stuff. Oh boy! The human race will be wiped out when they find out how much physical pain is with that!

My 2 1/2 year old will not be able to drink alcohol or take any other depressant drug. Aww man! I was so hoping to go bar hopping with the kid. They ruin all my fun.

I guess the one part he doesn't have to be concerned about is that the elderly can be more sensitive to this drug. Since he is still in diapers, wait, that may not work since some of the elderly are in diapers, too. Let me re-word that. Since he doesn't have any of his adult teeth, wait, that may not work either since some of the elderly don't have any teeth. Ok, since he has only been on this earth for under 3 years (ok, I think that may work unless there is an elderly alien that just came here within the last couple of years that this would apply to) I doubt he has anything to fear with this warning.

The one nice thing about the medicine is that it can calm anxiety as a side effect. Anyone who knows anything about autism knows that these kids can get a lot of anxiety over even the thought of changing their schedule, going shopping and many other things. This may be a wonderful side effect! Here's hoping that this one works in our favor!

Unfortunately, it says not to share this medicine so I guess mommy can't reap the benefits of the anxiety relief issues! Oh well. Can't win them all!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shhhhh.....I'm selling hubby's comics!

So I am doing auctions on hubby's comics. Here they all are is:

I am so tired of having something we don't need taking up space that we don't have. He hasn't touched the darn things since I met him almost 8 years ago.
I am constantly cleaning out things of mine to make more room. Per my previous blog, we just cleaned out the kids stuff. It's time the big kid in the family cleaned out his stuff.

So do you think he will be mad? At this point, I don't know and I know he'll read this blog so he'll find out before long. He usually reads my blogs at least every few days. It's not that I don't care but come on! It's time to move on!

Well, he thinks I'm bluffing, I guess he'll find out differently. I know ultimately he won't be mad but he will be more bummed like a little kid told to wait until after dinner to have some cookies. I think he kind of wants to get rid of them but doesn't have the gumption to do it himself because he can't deal with going through them.

He always leaves it to me to get rid of something he can't bring himself to get rid of himself but doesn't want it anymore. He did this with some old clothes his grandmother gave him that he wore in the 70's. He said "if they disappear I don't want to know what happened to them" and they soon after disappeared into the great beyond. He asked where they were and I said somewhere besides here and he just smiled and walked away.

It's time for the comics to move on to the great beyond. It's time for someone else to enjoy them. He doesn't touch them and probably will never touch them again. They will just turn nasty and yellow and old. Time for them to go away.

I guess we'll find out before long! Sweetie...if you read this...YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU! LOL Think of all that space we can put other junk! Suck it up sweetie and wave goodbye to all those comics. I know you won't miss them!

>>>>Do you think that was enough kissing up to hubby? LOL<<<<

8 Random Things (MEME)

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RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag (hopefully) six people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1. I just became a member at my church today. My hubby and I both became members and are very happy about finally being official members!

2. My hubby and I met at work. We both worked at a job we couldn't stand as drafters. We started dating and within a few months I quit. We got engaged 6 months after dating and he quit shortly after that. We were married 18 months later and have been together since October of 2001.

3. I am a yarn hoarder! I probably have enough yarn in this house to open a yarn shop. I have a huge outside lock up full of it and four drawers full of it in our bedroom closet. I think hubby is going to tie me up with my yarn and shove me outside with it soon! LOL

4. My couch is filled with children's clothes. A pile of dirty and a box of clean. I got some hand me down clothes in the mail from a friend (THANKS JODEE) and they are still sitting in the box because I've been to busy to do anything with them. I take that back, I am finding things to make me too busy to do anything with them because I'm too lazy to put them away! The dirty clothes are getting ready to be washed.

5. I'm currently eating pizza. It's not delivery, it's Di Giorno! Have you ever had their pizza? It's super yummy. Especially the garlic bread pizza! I'm glad hubby is eating it too or else he'd stay clear of me for the next day with garlic breath!

6. I am planning on home schooling my children. I feel for our family it would be the best plan. I am not against public school or private school. We have decided that our kids (especially Little D with his autism) would benefit from being home schooled.

7. I've had the same best friend for almost 24 years. My friend, Michelle, and I met in 7th grade and hated each other for no apparent reason when we first met. By the middle of the school year, we were best friends. Go figure! Tweens are so fickle! That was back in January of 1984. Wow, that just gave away my age! Oh well! LOL

8. My favorite thing to wear is sweat pants and a t-shirt. With two toddlers running around and a million therapies to go to, I don't have time to look spiffy. (does anyone even use that word anymore?) I guess that is partly what makes me the supermom dropout. I don't even try to look put together. I put on my sweats and t-shirt, put my hair in a braid and don't even bother with make up. If someone doesn't think I look good enough then they don't have to look at me!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Take a toy...any toy!


That is what has come out of this house so far from cleaning Little D's room out of any broken or unused toys. I cannot believe that many toys were not being used! Oh my gosh does it look so much better in there! We even had room to rearrange things so he could get to his train table again. Yes...He is FINALLY playing with that cash hog! WOOHOO!!!!

So we still have Princess Grabby Hands' room to clean out. I know for a fact there are rattles and stuff in there and the child is over a year old. I don't think rattles are what is on her mind to play with at this point. Who knows, I may find the Holy Grail in there!

I just want the stuff out of here! With LD's birthday and Christmas being back to back, I know that they will get restocked on the toys in a few short months. We didn't get rid of the "favorites" or the ones they play with at least once every couple of weeks. It was all the stuff that I haven't seen either child touch in ages even though they had full access to them!

So now what to do. On top of about 20 boxes of clothes in the garage, I now have the two boxes of toys I just cleaned out plus another two that I cleaned out about 4 months ago. I gave a few toys to the speech therapist to update some of her stuff (she gets bored using the same toys over and over).

Garage sale. I know that is what is on so many of your minds. I really want to but UGH the work! It takes forever to set up and price everything. The clean up is easier because everything gets shoved into boxes and off to the charity thrift store with it. I refuse to try to resell things from the year before and have them take up space in my garage for a whole year. I'm sure I'll have a lot of other things that I am sick of seeing not being used by the next year.

Then to make sure the kids don't come along and take back out what you put in there! That is the hard part. They see toys they haven't played with in ages and all of a sudden it's their favorite toy all over again. GROAN!

So do I or don't I...that is the question. Decisions, decisions. If I am going to do this, I have to do it soon. It's already September for Pete's sake! (Who's Pete anyways and why do we care about his sake?) Someone want to come over and do my garage sale for me? I thought not. Well, I tried!

Friday, September 7, 2007

The ER needs an overhaul!

I am so frustrated right now. Princess Grabby Hands had a good fall and hit her head. After a short while she wasn't seeming right but I couldn't tell if it was because of the fall or if there could have been other reasons.

After debating back and forth between hubby and myself for about 20 minutes, we decided that I should take her in to the ER just to get checked out. A "better safe then sorry" moment.

I get to the ER and it's got some people in the waiting room but not super crowded or anything. I sign her name on the clip board and just ask the security guard if someone can just talk to me for a minute to make sure she doesn't need to be seen right away due to it being a one year old with a potential head injury which can go from bad to worse relatively quickly. He said he'd tell the nurse.

I wait and wait and wait and wait. 30 minutes go by and I don't even see a nurse anywhere. Yes, I'm still in the waiting room and nobody has looked at PGH (not even a quick flashlight in the eyes check). I finally see a nurse calling up the next person on the list who happens to be about four people ahead of us and it is the first person to be called since I walked in. He says he needs to use the restroom and I take that moment to go up and talk to the triage nurse.

The triage nurse looks at my daughter for two seconds, says she's alert, seems fine and we'll see her when we get to her. Ok....since when do you know all that from looking at a child for two seconds? She was over a foot away from her. I wasn't expecting for us to by pass everyone there but would it have hurt them to look at her for at least a minute or two just to determine if there was a more immediate need because of it being a head issue?

I sat back down and waited about another 20 minutes and nobody else was called so I just left. I figured at this point if my PGH was going to have anything big happen, it would have happened and she was getting mad at me for holding her because she wanted to go explore the waiting room. I figured she was fine at that point.

This is the second time in that ER that I felt completely neglected. I understand ER's are busy but when someone comes in with a child with possible head trauma they should at least pretend to care because that is nothing to fool around with.

I've been there before waiting to see if I broke my ankle and had nobody even offer me an ice pack after an hour and a half. Finally hobble down to the nurses station and there is like 20 people sitting around talking and laughing. AND NOBODY CAN EVEN COME TO MY ROOM WHERE THEY LEFT ME FOR OVER AN HOUR AND SAY THE DOCTOR IS BUSY BUT WOULD YOU LIKE AN ICE PACK????? That is uncalled for!

I told them I wanted to leave right then and wanted my discharge papers. I left a complaint then and so did my hubby when I got home. He called because he was so angry with them. This ER used to be pretty good. I don't know what happened in the last year but it went down hill fast!

Sorry not a funny post today but right now it's hard to do funny when I want to (as hubby puts it) get out my pitch forks and torches and go storm the place.

By the way, PGH seems fine and we did a whole head injury assessment after we got home and she didn't have anything that would indicate a serious injury at that point. She is resting comfortably and we are checking on her every 30 minutes to be sure she is fine.