Friday, October 12, 2007

The adventures of Calamity Jane

Yes, I'm talking about Princess Grabby Hands. No, we haven't officially changed her name but I am contemplating it after this past week!

I feel like that commercial "It will be a miracle if she makes it to 2." She came into this world and within 3 weeks Little D dropped a board book on her head. I think that should have been an prophesy of things to come.

Within this week the child has fallen off of 4 chairs (thankfully they are children's chairs and not regular ones), got a minor shiner from tripping over the end of a wooden slide in a toddler area, had a bruise on her shin (no clue where it came from), bumped her head multiple times on various items and got shoved off of a mini-trampoline that is for LD's therapy. I wonder who could have shoved her....hmm......can you even dare to guess! LOL

It will truly be a miracle if she makes it to 18 months much less 2 years old. The child is definitely Calamity Jane. I will be shocked if she makes it to her second birthday without stitches. Then again, I said the same thing about LD and he hasn't had stitches yet so I'm amazed at him as well.

I think I have a lot of worry ahead for years to come. Oh fun!