Sunday, September 16, 2007

So now I NEED to make socks

My friend Ann got me on a kick to wanting to knit my first pair of socks. Or as hubby says, tie knots in yarn to make something. She has been feeding into my addiction as well by giving me links to patterns. Leave it to a friend to help you push further into an addiction when she has it herself! LOL You know I love ya Ann!

So anyways, I get this yarn off of EBay and it was delivered today. It is an Alpaca and Merino wool yarn blend. Can I just say that this is the softest, silkiest yarn I have ever felt? I cannot wait to make a nice pair of dressy socks for church for under my nice slacks and feel my feet GLIDE into them. You know it is luxurious yarn when your hubby feels it and requests socks made for himself out of this yarn!

AND...again feeding my addiction...Ann made me some stitch markers that are AWESOME that I'll get to use on pretty much any sock pattern I decide to use. At least I know someone who doesn't think I'm completely nuts for my yarn addiction.

I have told hubby that we need to buy an Alpaca farm now. Well, he is unemployed right now and hoping to get into a slightly different type of job then straight drafting. What is more different then owning a bunch of goofy looking animals that you can make yarn from? I told him that we see the commercials all the time and joke about it. I could make my own yarn and even sell it! I'm just dreaming but it would be cool! We wouldn't have the start up money for a farm. It's tempting though!

It's the little things like a really nice yarn to make me happy. I'm so pitiful! I get giddy over yarn! How goofy. Oh well, like I told hubby when he met me, at least I'm a cheap date. I enjoy the minor things in life and am very low maintenance! Put me in a yarn store and just let me feel yarns! LOL Sad....isn't it?