Saturday, September 15, 2007

Does it count as exercise?

I just spent the evening dancing with my kids. I sure hope I burned at least a few calories! I am ready to toss out this CD now. The songs have well annoyed me after the third round of playing them.

First we did the Chicken Dance. You know the one. The dance that everyone looks like a fool doing at every wedding in full dressed up attire. "I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck, so I'll shake my butt! QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!" Yes, I did the hand motions, the butt shaking and everything. I think Little D was more baffled (one of his new words) then anything at seeing mommy flap like a chicken! LOL

So then we move onto the Hokey Pokey. Did I spell that right? I have no clue. Get hubby had no clue what the motions to the part that says "Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around" and I had to show him. Yes, he was trying to do it with us. The funniest part? We were in the living room with the blinds wide open to the big picture window! I can just imagine someone passing by and seeing our two big butts doing the Hokey Pokey! LOL The kids are too short to see them unless you are right next to the house so that had to look hilarious!

Well, we also did Ring Around the Rosie. LD loves ALL FALL DOWN! He thinks it's hilarious. Mommy thinks it's time to get a new body so I can get up before the next turn of ALL FALL DOWN! This body FALLS DOWN just fine but it's the getting back up part that it doesn't like.

I've also discovered that just because I'm Happy and I Know It that I don't always want to clap my hands after I've heard the song at least three times. There was a weird part in that song that had someone crying. How peculiar. I found it a little disturbing but hey, if they want to cry in a song, then that is their option I guess. LD heard this and got hysterical (in a sad way) that someone was crying. I've never seen him have such empathy for someone else before. WOW!

Princess Grabby Hands was dancing with daddy through most of this. She is just in love with her daddy. I guess most baby girls are! They looked so cute together. PGH was cracking up with everyone dancing.

I am hoping LD goes to sleep faster. He out danced everyone here. He was running around and around in circles for about 30 minutes after we were pooped! I was waiting for him to fall down from being completely dizzy. Never happened.

That reminds me...don't roll down a hill as an adult. You don't recover very quickly to go running back up it. Last time I did that, the kids that were with us ran back up and rolled back down three more times before I could even stand up because I was so dizzy. There are three things you should never do after 30. First, don't roll down hills. Second, don't do anything that puts your butt over your head (cartwheels, flips, etc.) unless you are well trained and thirdly, don't try to keep up your energy level with a 2 year old boy. It just won't happen unless you are an aerobics instructor. I think mommy needs a nap now.