Saturday, September 1, 2007

This stinking computer!

So now that I've succeeded in making my hubby feel 3" tall....I can finally breath for a moment. I HATE COMPUTERS SOMETIMES!

Yes, I've apologized to my hubby. I was so frustrated that I couldn't see straight. Between being sick, the house being a wreck and having a really silly blog to write that revolved around a picture that I couldn't upload because my camera could not be detected by my computer....I am done with this day!

My camera uploaded pictures to my computer about 16 days ago (last time I uploaded...yes I know, I don't take enough pictures...join the club of those that are desperately trying to get me to scrapbook but will never succeed). Since 16 days ago, my hubby installed a wireless keyboard and mouse because our old ones went kaput and these were on sale as a set.

Earlier today the computer was running slow. I asked him to check it out and he decided to uninstall some things that we didn't use. For some unknown reason, every time this happens, something of mine gets uninstalled. I don't know how it happens, it just does. Go with me on this. Well, I don't know if it was the installation of the keyboard/mouse combo or the uninstallation of certain programs but my camera will no longer "talk" to my computer through it's USB cord. >>>>BEATING HEAD ON KEYBOARD NOW<<<<>

So...after about an hour of searching high and low for the installation disc that came with the camera (which I think might have accidentally gotten thrown out) and me huffing and puffing with frustration through the whole thing we decide to call the camera company, which will remain nameless, (COUGHCANONCOUGH) to see if they have an online installation because we couldn't find it for my model on their website. They informed us that we can get a new disc....FOR $20 FROM THEM! WHAT??????? I already paid way too much for the stinking camera as it is and had the disc. NOW THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR ANOTHER DISC? a disc that probably costs them pennies to produce!! What a scam.

Anyways....I apologized to hubby for getting mad at him. He found that we could get a USB thingy (technical term there) that I can put the disc thingy (another technical term) from the camera in and plug it directly into the computer for much cheaper then the stupid disc from the company. He asked if I wanted him to get one now (it's 10 pm) and I said it's up to him but at this point I no longer was in the mood to blog about the picture I was trying to upload (maybe tomorrow night). He went anyways....he's such a good hubby! Hubby points awarded there without trying!

So, now I sit with a camera full of pictures, no way to retrieve them until we see if this USB thingy (yes, yet another technical term) works. FUN!

Well, now that I've vented to you, I feel much better! I can totally try to save face with hubby when he comes back and get back in his good graces (not that he was all that mad at me) and get some more liquid green death in a bottle (see last night's blog) into me and go to bed.

Isn't fun reading about how other people screw up their computers so you can realize that you aren't the only fool on the planet that does these things? We won't even go into why I am now confined to the desktop and no longer have a laptop! That is another story and it probably involved gremlins or something (maybe other little creatures in the house with little sticky hands and cute faces). I may blog about that some day but the feelings are still so raw about that topic that I just can't bare to talk about it! We have yet to have the memorial for that poor, abused laptop. SIGH..................

Adding....hubby just came back and the selection was scarce at Walgreen's (priced too high for what I want to spend...yes I'm cheap) so he said he will run out tomorrow to get one from somewhere else. Even more hubby points for that one.