Thursday, November 8, 2007

The most precious gift before bed

Little D had a rough day yesterday. He was using his "almost" three year old mouth all day. He was so sassy and it was a day that I couldn't wait for bedtime.

We put LD to bed and he didn't make too much of a fuss about it. He fell asleep on the floor in his doorway like he does quite often. I don't know why but he just feels a need to fall asleep there.

Before going to bed I usually put him in his bed. Usually I just pick up his limp, sack of potatoes body and put it in bed, cover him up, kiss him on the forehead and leave without him so much as making a whimper.

Last night was different though. The actions and conversation are as follows:

I pick LD up and he slightly wakes up but doesn't say a word. I lay him in bed and go back for his favorite pillow and blanket that are still in the doorway. I lay his pillow in his arms and put the blanket on him.

LD: (with eyes half mast) Thank you for pillow mommy.

ME: You're welcome sweetie.

LD: (still half asleep) Goodnight mommy.

Me: Goodnight sweetie, I love you.

LD: (with a sleepy smile on his face) I love you mommy.

Me: (as I pull the blankets around him closer) Sleep tight and stay warm little man.

LD: (still with that sleepy smile) Night mommy.

and off to dream land he went with that sleepy smile on his face. It was so cute that it just melted my heart. After the day I had, God just made a huge smile in my heart with my little man. It was a moment that I so needed that night.

I love my little boy....sigh.....