Friday, September 14, 2007

So why can't I get automatic clothes rotation?

I just spent about 2 hours sorting through clothes. First, the hand me down clothes given to me by friends (THANKS GALS) that are for both Little D and Princess Grabby Hands. I had looked through them when I first got them but never actually did anything with them aside from leaving them in their boxes on my couch until now because the items were a little too big.

Today I decided that PGH's belly button hanging out of everything and ankles showing when she wears pants is over. If LD wore some of his jammies much longer, the ability of him creating grandchildren would be in question because they were getting a bit snug in *AHEM* certain places. I washed, folded and sorted everything by drawer (or hanging up) to get used which took about an hour to do (besides the actual washing/drying). Can I just say these kids are set?

I spent the next 30 minutes going through their drawers (the ones in their dressers, not the ones on their butts....they still have diapers, not undies). Found almost two boxes of outgrown clothes between the two of them. I think that both LD and PGH would have been wearing Daisy Duke shorts soon if I kept some of them in their clothes line up. Anybody need some clothes? I think there are about 20 boxes in the garage now. Ok, let me rephrase that....anybody want to help me get ready for a garage sale? I didn't think so....

Well, then I spent about another 30 minutes putting all the new clothes in their homes. I know there are probably things I missed but I'll find them when I go to put them on their little fannies and they are showing baby booty cracks when they bend over! LOL It already happened to PGH with a pair of pants daddy put on her yesterday. They were a tad small and we had to change her before going grocery shopping so people wouldn't take pitty on the poor ragamuffin child!

I don't know how people switch their whole wardrobe between the seasons. I just can't be that organized. I'm lucky if all my clothes in MY closet fit me at the same time much less if it's the right season. Considering I wear shorts around the house in the winter because I keep the place nice and toasty, no point in storing them away.

So my idea...I want an automatic clothes rotation system. One that scans the kids, gets their measurements and determines which clothes in their rooms will not fit anymore and weeds them out into a box. Would be nice, eh? While I'm dreaming.......