Thursday, September 20, 2007

I don't know what got into me

Maybe I am sick of looking at the stuff. Maybe it's because we need the money. Maybe I am just enjoying selling stuff. I just finally got a bunch of stuff listed on eBay.

Wow that is hard work. I give a lot of credit to those women that do this for a living to make extra cash. All that picture taking and pricing and description making. WHEW

Now I can see why some people just go to these eBay brokers to get their stuff listed. How do I start a racket like that? I can do that for a living...especially if it's kids stuff!

Now if only I can get motivated to clean out the rest of my house. I guess this is a step in the right direction...right? I swear, there are days that I feel like just cleaning out the whole house and putting it up on eBay. It's just stuff that I probably don't really need and most likely wouldn't miss.

Why do we get so attached to our junk? I mean really! You can hold onto something so small and insignificant for years and then finally pull it out and wonder what the heck you kept it for. How silly.

I need to go through the rest of the 4 million boxes in the garage. Maybe, just maybe there could be something worth something in one of them. Probably not though! While I'm dreaming....