Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So who wants to get me organized?

I think I have bought at least 3 books on organization. I would read them except I have no clue where they are! That statement would be funnier if it weren't true....sigh.

I'm looking around my house and am just shaking my head in disgust. I am tired of saying "sorry about the mess but we are in the middle of spring cleaning" when it's already September! I have a box for a box, a bag for a bag and piles all over. BLEH!

So, who wants to come clean out my house? I totally need one of those clutter shows here. They would probably look at my house and say NEVER MIND! I know, I'm pathetic! I told you I am a supermom dropout! You don't believe me?

My living room is decorated in early toddler. Toys, hand prints and crumbs everywhere. My kitchen is clutter haven. It has junk that is on it's way to the garage on a few counters but has not made it that far. We won't talk about the dog food all over the floor that the dog seemed to think she needed to spread around.

Speaking of the garage....wait, I don't want to speak about it. I have a 2 1/2 car garage that I cannot get one car into. With my sister's stuff in there (tanning bed, washer, dryer, TV's, bikes, etc.) and all my junk (those many boxes of clothes I mentioned in a previous post), you have to CLIMB all over everything to get to what you are looking for.

The attic. Well....yeah....the attic. It isn't full but the whole area around the pull down steps is so crowded that I can't put anything else up there unless I organized first. I will be lucky to find the Christmas decorations in a couple of months.

My bedroom. The catch all for everything we don't want getting into the kid's hands. Toys that are taken from them when they won't pick them up so they become ours for a day or two. Laundry that is always over due for getting done. My dresser that I don't remember what the top of it looks like because of all the junk that gets piled on it. What a wonderful, peaceful haven to sleep in. NOT!

Princess Grabby Hand's room. The kids don't play in there so it has boxes of clothes to grow into flowing out of the closet. There is a box of extra stuff from the kitchen that we don't know what to do with it. She, also, has my old desk (from when I was a kid) in there and her room is DINKY! Poor girl. One of these years I'll get to redecorating and organizing her room. Maybe in time for her to get married even!

The bathroom. Between the two litter boxes that tends to have more litter out of the then in them because of the sloppy cats and a hubby that has a habit of leaving EVERYTHING in there (including a complete library of books) I always feel like the place is a mess. We won't go into the bath toys hanging on the wall in a mesh laundry bag.

Now the last thing, Little D's room. Believe it or not, our 2 1/2 year old room is the most organized in the house. Well, it was the most recent redecorating project that we have done (this past spring). We made him a Bat Cave....Batman. I recently changed the furniture around in there to make it easier for the kid's to play in there so everything is pretty well organized. Wow, who would have thunk it? A boy's room cleaner then the rest of the house.

Oh wait! I cannot forget our yard. I have a brown and withered thumb so the thought of me growing anything but hostas (the plant that never dies) is a joke. In fact, I am so over run with hostas that I think the yard will soon no longer need mowing because it will be one giant hosta. I guess that is what I get for wanting something that I can plant that I can't kill. The yard is decorated in preschool playground. Swing set, club house, ride on cars, bikes, trikes, basketball hoop, etc. all clutter the yard. I can't complain, it was all given to us for free.