Monday, December 24, 2007

Satan must employ toy packaging developers!

It took everything I had not to use every swear word I have ever heard while trying to take the kid's toys out of their boxes. !(#*$&%&*&#(@(&$&*@((@&$$^^#@*

Don't they know that there is no toddler on the planet that can wait for a parent to remove all those dang twist ties? Do they not have children? Is this for anti-theft? If so....don't they realize that these toys are bigger then any pocket or bag can hold so it's not very likely they will be taken from their packages and stolen?

So, as the smart mommy that I am with two small children, I decide we need to get the toys out of the boxes on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed so we aren't sitting there in the morning trying to get the 4,000,000,000 (yes that is billion for those keeping track) twist ties that is tethering every single part of every single toy in the box. It doesn't matter that the toy has appendages that could never slip through one of these stinking twist ties...let's put 20 more on it! Hey, let's get creative and put two or three together and twist them around one part of a toy.

Well, the toys are set free thanks to mommy and daddy. No swear words were actually said.....out loud. The scissors are dull from mommy deciding her sanity is worth a pair of scissors to cut through the twist ties instead of untwisting them all.

My one Christmas wish is for the jokers who designed this packaging design to be inundated with 100 toddlers energized with stocking candy all bouncing around them while they release a toy for each and every one of them from these insanely over-secured packages!

Gee.....I feel better now!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a twist tie free night!