Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So I get this idea in my head

Why do I do this to myself? I get these crazy schemes and go for them and then wonder what the heck I was thinking. I swear I could make Laverne and Shirley look like a couple of rocket scientists sometimes!

What haven't I tried? I have made Dove Ice Cream bars at the huge Dove plant. I have sorted "spam" snail mail (you know...the Ed McMahon sweepstakes type things) at a mailing factory. I have worked in most retail jobs known to man. I have professionally done manicures, pedicures, facials and hair as well as some make up for weddings on the side. Yes, licensed hairdresser here.

The list moves on to a computer aided drafter (CAD) , which is how I met my hubby. I think I just got that certificate and worked in that field for 4 years just because I was to meet him. I HATED that career path. I am so not about the office politics. I just wanted to do my job and go home....but NOOOOOOO....I was drawn into every bit of anything that was going on in that office. Why do women have to be that catty?

So then I went on to working in the public school system in the Kindergarten while getting my teaching degree. No...I didn't finish it. Kind of had to put that on hold while having Little D and subsequently Princess Grabby Hands. Now I don't think that is the route I even want to go. At least I got a Child Care Certificate and an Associates in Arts out of it and am legally able to work as a preschool teacher! Yet another piece of paper to add to the pile of what I am legally allowed to do. LOL

While trying to conceive I chose to sell Avon. It was great until I became my own best customer. You kind of have to quit when that happens. I owed more then I made at that point and I don't even wear make up! It was all the other stuff they sell! I bought so many toys (for the kids I WOULD have) and gifts and body washes, etc. to stock up for 10 years!

I have also sold PartyLite Candles, Pampered Chef and am currently able to sell Usborne Books as well as Tupperware but I am not a very good product pusher so I haven't sold anything in months! I don't care and I'm just waiting for either them to tell me to go away! They just don't!

Oh...and I won't tell you how many years I have done craft shows and used to have my own craft store online. Wow...was that all me? I guess I'll do just about anything for money to stay home with the kids. Well, almost anything! Nothing illegal or immoral of course. Still do the craft thing and enjoying that but I think it will be a while until I can move back into the high demand I used to do it. At least it will be until the kids are old enough to help more then destroy as I am doing it! Gotta love that child labor! LOL

Ok...I just realized why I wrote this blog. I totally got off on a tangent here. If you know me in real life, you realize that is the norm for me. I am always in a million directions because I am a massive multi tasker. I can check emails while on the phone, watching TV and crocheting in between reading the emails. OK...just got side tracked again. I can see I better get going on the topic at hand before I totally go in yet another direction.

I told you all of the above information to show you that I am a jump in with both feet type of gal when I get my mind onto something. This time it's writing a book. I love to write (like you couldn't tell from all these blogs) and my dream was always to be a writer. I used to hide that dream and take it out only when I was alone for fear that if I left it out exposed to anyone else that it would get broken.

I am now taking the chance and going for it. I have an outline all ready to go. Now, if I get the ambition to write, I can pick one of the many topics for a chapter that I have listed and just run with it. The question is, how often will that happen with my 2.5 children, 4 cats and 1 dog always demanding my attention? Ok, so the cats don't demand my attention (unless they are out of food) so I don't have to worry about them. The dog on the other hand...she is an attention hound. And the kids? They are kids so you know how that goes. The hubby? We won't go there! LOVE YOU HONEY! :* >>Doing my best to kiss up to him after that remark<<

Well, I should start to write but it's late. Maybe during nap time tomorrow. My mind is just swimming with ideas of what to put on the screen! We'll see where this leads me! When I am a famous writer I will be sure to remember all those that helped me get there! OK....I tried typing that with a straight face! I just am never THAT full of myself! :D I'll be lucky to get the thing completed. Published? That will be another story!