Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So I guess someone wants to work in my place

I went to the unemployment office to get some paperwork showing that I do not qualify for unemployment payments. I have not worked in years due to being a stay at home mom. The woman behind the desk brings up my social security number and asks "I see you worked at XXX recently." First of all, I never heard of the place. Second, I haven't worked in about 4 years. Thirdly, it had the name Phoebe Barrett next to it.

As you probably noticed by my profile, Phoebe Barrett is not now nor has it ever been my name. Apparently this person has decided to pay into my social security income. I don't know. I have to call tomorrow to see what I have to do. This lady better not make me have to go through the trouble of changing my social security number or else I'll be a very cranky lady!

I am not worried about her stealing my identity in the terms of getting credit or whatever. I will share with you that the only credit she could achieve with my social security number is the credit that someone is alive that has it. Due to many medical issues (and subsequent bills), let's just say me getting a credit card would be harder then Donald Trump being turned down for one. It's just not going to happen.

So here I sit with a double identity and no money to show for the cash she is making at her job. Hey, if you're gonna use my number, at least give me some money that your making on it! Just kidding there but now I have to deal with yet another governmental office (OH JOY) to get this straightened out. We won't talk about today with having to go to 5 governmental offices all today. That is another story that I just don't want to talk about. The lines and waiting that I had to do was worse then the line for the newest roller coaster at Walt Disney World. UGH!