Monday, November 5, 2007

So once you have what you wanted...then what?

My house is clean. I don't mean it looks clean. I mean it is uncluttered! I mean it has been purged of all of the junk that I accumulated and kept for no apparent reason. It is CLEAN!

I now have kids rooms that can be walked in. How did that happen? There are no toys everywhere falling off of every shelf. We must have gotten rid of at least 3 boxes of toys.

I no longer have to cram the drawers shut. The clothes actually fit into the drawers without overflowing....IN ALL OF OUR ROOMS! That in itself is a miracle. I got rid of at least 6 garbage bags of our clothes and 4 boxes of kids clothes.

I was ruthless. You should have seen me! I was SMOKIN'! TOSS, KEEP, DONATE, EWWW....and whatever came to mind as I was shown things. It felt so gooooooood!!!!

So now what do I do with myself? I have always had this underlying guilt that my house was cluttered and it kind of just ate at me all the time. Now it isn't and it just doesn't feel right! I lived the other way so long that I don't know what to do with myself now!

I guess I should tackle the garage one of these days. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!!!!