Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm going to glue his butt to the bed


I think we have a record tonight. I lost count but I do know that little D was up a minimum of 15 times tonight. It's so hard to stay mad at a little boy yelling "I NEED A KISS" from the other room.

Let's see...the list of excuses tonight:

"I need a kiss." 4 times
"Look at my cars." twice
"Car on the lines." (on his street rug in his room)
"Need trains on my bed." (I don't think so young man. Trains can stay on the train table.)
Threw a foam chair over the gate in his doorway and then crawled over and landed on it.
"Shmuzzy bear need shoe." (Bear's shoe fell off...or rather was taken off to give LD a reason to get out of bed.)
"Need more cars."
Comes out with fireman hat.
Comes out with foam chair to watch TV.

The list is probably longer but my frazzled brain may have forgotten some of the excuses.

I would never do it but there are nights that duct tape and bungee cords pop into my mind! LOL

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