Monday, October 15, 2007

Even licensed professionals shouldn't color their hair on their own...

Well, I started out with drab medium brown hair. I have no clue if that is my real hair color. I haven't had just my own hair color since I was 15 years old. That is another story was the 80's...I had to be a bleach blond! LOL

Anywho...I decided I wanted blond highlights. Well, more like streaks. I wanted them to stand out a bit but not be totally bright. I guess I'm no longer making sense here, but I digress. I was too lazy to go to the beauty supply store and do it professionally with the right supplies so I decided to do a box of highlighting stuff from the store. How the heck does the normal person do the streaks right when a licensed professional can't do it the way the box tells you to? This is ridiculous.

I have my hubby help me. He is going off of what I was telling him to do and apparently not getting it. My hair came out striped and very uneven. Let me tell you....I was not going out of the house like that. The blond was TOOOOOO blond and it was in funky chunks (not funky in a good way).

Strike two...An hour after the first mess up, I get hubby to go buy another box of color. I tell him to pick up a dark red to cover up the streaks and hope that I end up with dark red hair with strawberry highlights. The only way to describe the color that resulted from that application is "OH MY GOSH IS THIS RED!" I think if I went outside someone would think my head was on fire and douse me with a bucket of water. This cannot stay either. We won't even go into the fact that the blond now looks rather orange and still splotchy.

So now on to try number three. The next morning we couldn't go to church because the kids were sick. I guess part of me was relieved because I didn't want to go their with hair that looked as if Satan had a hand in picking the color (totally not hubby's fault...the color looked great on the box). I slap a hat on my head and run to the store myself.

I find a nice neutral light brown and figure that it would blend the blond ( blotches) and tone down the red. I shove this third color in less then 24 hours on my head and wait the 25 minutes. I wash it out and this is what I now have:

Not that it's bad, it's just not what I had planned on. I wanted my medium to light brown hair with blond highlights. I got dark reddish auburn hair instead. Oh well. At least I am presentable and am getting compliments on it. Maybe next time I won't take the *ahem* easy way out and do it right the first time. >INSERT HUGE EYE ROLL HERE!<

Onto the next order of business...

Two words...


Yes...that is Little D and Princess Grabby Hands watching TV. I have no clue why her diaper was so baggy but I just had to get a picture of her little baby butt crack hanging out. It was too cute to pass up.

Now back your regularly scheduled web surfing....

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I was following YOUR orders, my mistress.