Monday, September 17, 2007

We now have 4 upright people in our house!

Watch out world! Princess Grabby Hands now has a higher reach! She is a full fledged walker now! She walks 90% of the time and is getting faster each day. OH MY!

I look at PGH and Little D and wonder where those two delicate babies went that I had not so very long ago. I asked this of hubby the other day and he said the two toddlers we now have ate them! I don't doubt it. They look a little like those babies but are so "KID" looking now.

I told PGH today that she better either pray for an extremely fast metabolism or learn to slow down on the eating. The rate she is going, she will be 500 lbs by her second birthday! That child will eat her food and try to nibble on what her brother won't eat. I get one super picky kid and one that would eat dirt if you gave it to her.

Speaking of eating, I think her favorite food right now is paper. Any kind of paper. Notebook, magazine, toilet paper, paper name it, she'll eat it. I have no clue. I swear I give her enough fiber and her diapers are proving that!

Little D won't eat squat. All meat except for chicken nuggets are made of poop in his book. Won't touch eggs, veggies or even hot dogs! What 2 year old won't eat a hot dog? Not that I thing they are all that great nutrition wise but COME ON! Don't they all pretty much like them? If the kid doesn't have his Ovaltine and Pop Tart every morning, you would think that the sun refused to shine that day or something. What a picky pants!

I guess PGH takes after mommy. She hasn't met a goody she doesn't like. Oh boy! That is not the trait I want her to get from me. I have the figure to prove that statement. She is pretty slim now so I'm just hoping it continues or the poor girl is gonna have a lot of junk in that plush trunk of hers!

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