Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shhhhh.....I'm selling hubby's comics!

So I am doing auctions on hubby's comics. Here they all are is:

I am so tired of having something we don't need taking up space that we don't have. He hasn't touched the darn things since I met him almost 8 years ago.
I am constantly cleaning out things of mine to make more room. Per my previous blog, we just cleaned out the kids stuff. It's time the big kid in the family cleaned out his stuff.

So do you think he will be mad? At this point, I don't know and I know he'll read this blog so he'll find out before long. He usually reads my blogs at least every few days. It's not that I don't care but come on! It's time to move on!

Well, he thinks I'm bluffing, I guess he'll find out differently. I know ultimately he won't be mad but he will be more bummed like a little kid told to wait until after dinner to have some cookies. I think he kind of wants to get rid of them but doesn't have the gumption to do it himself because he can't deal with going through them.

He always leaves it to me to get rid of something he can't bring himself to get rid of himself but doesn't want it anymore. He did this with some old clothes his grandmother gave him that he wore in the 70's. He said "if they disappear I don't want to know what happened to them" and they soon after disappeared into the great beyond. He asked where they were and I said somewhere besides here and he just smiled and walked away.

It's time for the comics to move on to the great beyond. It's time for someone else to enjoy them. He doesn't touch them and probably will never touch them again. They will just turn nasty and yellow and old. Time for them to go away.

I guess we'll find out before long! Sweetie...if you read this...YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU! LOL Think of all that space we can put other junk! Suck it up sweetie and wave goodbye to all those comics. I know you won't miss them!

>>>>Do you think that was enough kissing up to hubby? LOL<<<<


Anniebananie said...

Well, how much does he LOVE his comics. DH has comics that have been sitting in a box for over 20 years, but when I even remotely suggest getting rid of them, he gets all up in arms.

So, if he doesn't LOVE LOVE them, you should be okay. But if he LOVES LOVES them, then he's gonna have his boxers all bunched up. :)

DnAMom said...

He'll be fine. He conceded to it now and knows this is the best option for us. He's known for a while that I want them GONE!