Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little D is going down under!

With all of the children's shows that Little D watches being based out of Australia, I am positive he will be sounding like an Aussie before long. He already sounds like he's from Jersey half the time b/c he leaves the R's off of things!

LD's favorite show is The Upside Down Show. They only made 13 episodes but the child cannot get enough of these to "brilliant" Aussies! >>>>In case you didn't know, they use the word brilliant as an adjective in place of things like wonderful or great.<<<<>

Then, you have The Wiggles. Anyone who doesn't know who these guys are has to be living under a rock. Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony sing, dance and amuse their way into millions of living rooms daily. This is not LD's favorite but he loves the music. Even if I am just playing the CD, he wants to try to sing.

Now, we have the Koala Brothers. These little guys help solve problems in the outback with their plane and band of buddies. I think hubby and I get more of a kick from betting which two friends they will help each episode then the kids do watching them. We usually bet a dollar for each one and it doesn't really matter who wins because the money goes into the kid's piggy banks anyways. It's all in fun.

I listen to LD speak. He gets this slight accent going. I'm beginning to think that he is going to live in Australia when he grows up! He says things with the same flare as these characters. Well, if he wants to live there, he better take all of us with him. I'd love to visit Australia!

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