Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Squirming Cat + Scissors + Wrist = Tetanus Shot

So first of all...I guess I should not be using small embroidery scissors for cutting matted hair off of a wiggly cat. D'OH!

Cats are very squirmy, in case you didn't know. Scissors that are as skinny as a fork tine plunging into your wrist does not feel good, in case you didn't know. AND...trying to figure out when you had your last tetanus shot at 10:00 at night can be frustrating, in case you didn't know.

So now that you've had the bullet points, here is what happened:
I was trying to cut matted hair out of my over furry cat. He usually doesn't move too much but I guess he was just in a mood and decided in mid cut that he needed to flip off of my lap. The scissors slipped and rammed right into my wrist causing one side of the blade to go about 1/2 inch into my wrist. THANK GOD IT MISSED THE ARTERY BY AN INCH! That would have been horrid!

As I was trying to get the pain to stop, I thought that maybe I may need to get a tetanus shot. Now to the normal people, this shouldn't be too hard to figure out. BUT to an accident prone Annie...this is hard to figure out. I have cut or hurt myself more times then I can imagine. Couldn't be that I don't use the right tool for the job...NOOOOOOO! >insert eye roll here<

Well, going back through the years by each mishap, hubby said he didn't recall me getting a shot since we've been together and that was 8 years ago next month. Then I had to recall the 2 years before that. I realized that I must have gotten one at least 11 or 12 years ago when I cut my hand on a metal blind while working at a blind factory. That had to be it.

Off I went the next morning for a shot. Oh fun. I was ready for them to take me away in a straight jacket thinking that I tried to off myself or something because of it being on my wrist. I can tell you that if someone was trying to commit suicide, scissor puncture to the wrist is not the first choice they would go with.

So now it is a day later and my arm is killing me! The wrist feels ok. It's where the shot was that feels like a professional wrestler socked me in the arm. OUCH! I can't wait for this knot to go away now. least I'm good for another 10 years...right? >another big eye roll here<

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