Monday, October 8, 2007

Gotta love selective hearing

Why is it that a child who cannot hear his name when it is being shouted from three feet away 20 times can hear the ear splitting crash of two marshmallows colliding in mid air?

I can literally be just a few feet from Little D shouting his name numerous times and he won't even flinch. I feel sorry for his future wife! He has the "male" selective hearing times 10! AND...yes, we've had his hearing checked as well as looked for fluid in the ears. He just doesn't hear what he doesn't want to hear.

This same child can hear me pulling one little jellybean out of a bowl from the opposite end of the house and come running out with his hand open. Where is this super sensitive hearing when I am calling him to pick up toys?

I know when LD is back in his room with Princess Grabby Hands that he is trying to pull her into his ways! She sometimes can be the same way! Bring out some food of any sort and PGH comes toddling through so fast there is smoke coming from her tootsies!

Maybe that is the key...I need to stop calling for them and just start rustling wrappers and bags out in the living room. Maybe they'll catch on too fast but I might fool them for at least a week or so!

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