Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We go Grandma's house

I know if Little D could dig a tunnel the whole 16 miles to Grandma's house, he would in a heartbeat. Every single time we get in the van, the first thing he says is "WE GO GRANDMA'S HOUSE!" 90% of the time he is wrong and lets us know how upset he is that we aren't going the direction he thinks we should.

LD is always trying to "tell" us which way to go by saying "THAT WAY" and pointing in a direction. Incredibly, he always points in the direction that Grandma lives no matter which way we are going. How does a two year old do that? It's almost freaky!

One day we are going to follow his pointing and see if he leads us there. I will probably fall over laughing if he did. The child cannot remember that we just told him to pick up his toys but he can remember which direction Grandma's house is no matter how long it's been since we've gone there last.

Grandma just promised him the pumpkin farm next week. I know he is going to love it. We will go to Grandma's house and LD will not care that we are going to see pumpkins (although he talks about them constantly all the time). He will only care that Grandma is getting in the van with us to go there, too.

My hubby has a daddy's girl with Princess Grabby Hands. I have a momma's boy with LD but the second Grandma is in the picture....mommy becomes chopped liver! Oh the humanity! LOL

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Anniebananie said...

He's got some kind of weird radar going on!!! :)