Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mommy's on Strike!

Here is the blog that I wanted to publish last night but couldn't because I couldn't upload my pictures because of the snafu that happened last night that I wrote about so I am now writing it today!

Did that make any kind of sense? Don't worry, I wrote it and have absolutely no idea what it means! To see what I am talking about...please read the Blog from 9/1/07.

Considering we've had at least one person sick for the last 7 days (meaning mommy in one form or the other plus the remaining 3 in the house with colds).....MOMMY IS ON STRIKE! I just don't have it in me to even care if my house is clean.

Those that are clean freaks and germ-o-phobes may want to look away from the following pictures. I will not take responsibility for you if you pass out or get sick at the following sights of my house! The rest of on!

This is my living room after 3 days. Not bad you say? Well....I have spared you the kitchen sink filled to capacity with dishes, the couch filled with dirty kids clothes, my hamper so overflowing that it's now spilling to the floor and the garbage can that has a bag sitting next to it because the can is so full that we cannot fit even a raisin on top without it falling off. We have LD in a tent that now blocks the hallway and PGH pounding away on a toy.....and subsequently my head. Oh my aching head....

As you can see...the kids have decided that 50% of the toys in this house now need to be in the living room. Little D has taken up mechanics and is now trying to figure out how the walker works from the bottom down (since it's upside down). I just thank God that Princess Grabby Hands wasn't in it when he decided it needed to be flipped over. She is engrossed in The Upside Down show on TV. Yes, my toddler watches TV and her eyes haven't burned out of her head yet. Sue me!

Apparently, the walker is now fixed and LD is turning back upright. The dog has taken it upon herself to make sure that the plate on the floor that LD flipped over has nothing left on it. I guess she figured she would help with the dishes. Thanks old girl but I don't need your special doggy spit detergent. PGH is still clueless that her brother is doing anything behind her. She is so used to the extra loud noises he makes that she is oblivious to him until she wants to play with him.

If you noticed, the first picture has PGH standing. Yes, she CAN walk but no she WON'T walk. PGH can get places faster on her hands and knees, thank you very much. LD is all over the living room while PGH is pretty calm and in one place. She is my mellow child (aside from the grabby hands) while LD is the fart in a bottle that needs to bounce through the house like a super ball!

Well, mommy is feeling a little better. The kids are rambunctious again so I guess they are on the mend and daddy dealt with the garbage as well as getting my camera card reader thingy (yes, yet another technical term) this morning so we must be feeling better. I guess we have no choice but to make this house look acceptable now.

I know if someone came by unexpectedly I would have to tell them we were robbed or a tornado hit JUST our house or something to explain the disaster. I am so glad we have no company expected this Labor Day weekend!

I hope this goes to show you just how UN SUPERMOM I AM! Those of you in my shoes...I hope I made you feel better about not getting your housework done and you know that not everyone is as efficient as they try to make themselves out to be. Not all of us can be neatnicks, ya know! We have to be different to put a little spice into life! My motto? Clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy!

Now back to your regularly scheduled cleaning!

>>>>WHERE IS MY MAID??? Oh yeah....I'm it. I thought M is for MOM and not MAID...but that is another blog maybe in the future!<<<<

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