Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My husband, like any good daddy to a little boy, enjoys teaching Little D that belching is an extremely hilarious activity. Many times I catch him telling LD to come over to him because he has a secret. The secret is always a huge belch in his ear followed by roaring laughter. All I can say is thank GOD I have a little girl to EWWWWWWWWW at both of them with me!

Flash back to last summer. My sweet 19 month old LD is in the shopping cart at the grocery store. I am waddling behind the cart, approximately 400 months pregnant. Ok…a tad exaggeration….only 300 months pregnant. I happened to actually be 8 months pregnant and not realizing that I would be having our sweet Princess Grabby Hands before the end of the week. Not that this fact has to do with anything about to happen but I just needed as much sympathy that only a woman carrying her pregnancy between her knees can gather.

Back to the story. So here is sweet LD in the shopping cart. Mommy pushing and daddy following up close behind seeing what goodies he can swoop into the cart without me looking. Conversation is as follows:

LD: MOMMY MOMMY! (one of only about 12 words the child can speak at this point)

ME: Hold on sweetie.


ME: In a minute.


ME: What D? (wondering what could be so important that he needs to keep shouting this at me)

LD: BBBEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH (yes, he did a man sized belch that he needed me to pay attention to)

I look back to glare at the OTHER SON I have behind me (you know…that overgrown one that I'm married to that will never grow up even when he’s 80). I find him holding onto a store shelf laughing with tears in his eyes. Behind him are two teenage girls giggling and in front of me is a man and his son laughing.

Oh the joy of being a mommy to a little boy!


Anniebananie said...

just wait until he learns the "pull my finger" technique!!!

DnAMom said...

Daddy is well on his way to teaching him that wonderful tradition! LOL