Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

“It’s scumsus (scrumptious) mommy! DEWISUS! (delicious)” Only my Little D! I guess that grilled cheese sandwich was that darn good! That 2 ½ year old has a way with words!

I don’t know where he gets it but he is one of a kind. One of what kind I am not sure yet. When God made this child, He sure broke the mold. I’m glad! I want to be selfish and keep this goofy kid all to myself!

LD asks me for a drink. I get a sport water bottle for him. Dialogue goes as follows:


ME: No, you will have water, you've already had chocolate milk.

LD: I HAVE AN IDEA! (while putting his pointer finger up in the air)

ME: And what is your idea?


ME: No, how about water or nothing?

LD: THINKING (putting finger on his chin)

ME: Well??? Putting water back in 5 seconds if you don't take it.

LD: I HAVE AN IDEA! (again putting his pointer finger up in the air)

ME: And what is your idea?


ME: Fine...water it is.

Now why couldn't he have just taken that in the first place. Always the long way around with this one!

He is full of a million of them! Here are some exerpts that come to mind that he has said recently:

  • I'm sitting in the living room crocheting. Little D comes running out of his room and stands in front of me. He smiles the biggest, toothy grin I have ever seen on him. Then he shouts "OH NO! I NEED BRACES MOMMY!!!" and runs off. WHAT????? Where did he learn that dirty, expensive word?

  • LD is looking for his sandals. He has no clue where he put them. Thanks to his shoe fetish (loves to line shoes up around the house) he has moved them somewhere and has forgotten where. As he looks I hear "SANDALS WHERE ARE YOU I'M YOUR D!" Let's just say mommy hasn't laughed so hard in ages.

  • Almost every time LD cries he has to declare "I'M CRYING!" Like we can't tell?

  • LD's first full paragraph spoken: "NO NO! NO TOUCH DITTER! (sister) MINE!! YOU GO MOMMY NOW!!"

  • Spoken to his occupational therapist upon trying to get between her and the wall (and no, she is not a heavy person....she's rather thin actually): "YOU A BIG PEWSON (person) MISS RONNIE!"

  • The ever famous "ME NOT CHICKENS" is always popular. LD says this often and we have no idea what he means by that.

  • LD also went through a whole day saying DUCK SPIT over and over. Your guess is as good as mine. I wasn't even aware that ducks could spit!

He is mine all mine! I'll share him here but you can't have him! What a character!

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