Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to my stay at home mom world!

One dog, five cats, two toddlers and a husband. What more could a woman of the 21st century ask for? Well….maybe 5 minutes alone in the bathroom.
Every bathroom trip involves an entourage of at least three faces looking at me from the doorway. I must be extremely entertaining to the 2 year old, the baby and the dog (throw a cat or two in there for good measure) because I sure capture their attention the entire time I’m in there. If I had known I’d be the main attraction, I would have at least dressed for the occasion.

I suppose having the kids staring at me while I do my business is better then the alternative. A 2 year old roaming the house when mom is unavailable makes the Indy 500 look a bunch of tricycles tooling around the track. Water would be overflowing, baskets of clothes overturned, front doors trying to be opened and dog food becoming the snack food of choice.
Looking at it that way, an audience is preferable. Now if only I could get them to do some cleaning in there while they are waiting on me…..sigh….while I’m dreaming

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